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Extending table - Walnut - Second half 19th century

Round vintage style table


Speculaasplank met eigenaars initialen - Mold

Beautiful 19th century biscuit board or gingerbread board, the board was probably made in the second half of the 19th century and still looks good considering its age. The gingerbread board features the owner's initials. Now to hang on your wall as a beautiful work of art.


Cigarette box - Wood, Important cigarette box entirely inlaid on the lid and in the front part

Important Sorrentina cigarette box from the early 1900s. Italian production from the early 1900s, which takes up the style of the early 19th century, widespread in southern Italy with the creation of rather refined antique furniture and objects due to the wood and inlays, known


Chair (4) - Walnut

Group of four early 19th century Louis XVI chairs in solid walnut, Italian Ligurian origin, in excellent condition, ready to furnish your rooms. Please look at the detailed photos. Measures. Height 120cm. Depth 57cm. Width 56cm. Seat height 46cm. Seat depth 40cm


Wall sconce (2) - Glass, Wood

Beautiful wall lights with mirrors and golden finish in Venetian-Rococo style in good condition. Restored quite some time ago by a laboratory that restored the gold leaf. The mirrors show signs of aging as can be seen from the photos, but this is what enhances their signs of


Chair (2) - Leather, Wood - 19th century

Selling as a pair, not individually


Cabinet - Olive briar

Ancient Ribalta, Period '900. Rounded and rounded furniture, of great elegance, made entirely of olive briar. In good overall condition, testifying to the passage of time with signs of wear which, however, do not affect the beauty, shape and integrity of these unique pieces.


Dining room chair (4) - Wood

4 wooden table chairs in excellent condition


Two wall arms with bird and fish heads (2) - Brass, Wood - Early 18th century

Heavy quality wall arms with beautiful depiction of fish and birds. The wall arms are fixed to wood (black part). This wood was added in a later period. Once been the arms of a chandelier. Dimensions: Height 25 cm. Width: 16.5 cm. Depth 41.5 cm. Weight per piece; about 2.8 kg.


Sculpture, Porta tabernacolo - resurrezione di Gesù Cristo - 32 cm - Wood

Artistic features: Spanish school of the first half of the 17th century, in which Jesus appears standing on the edge of the sarcophagus carrying in his right hand the cross standard of the triumph of life over death and blessing. The guards in charge of guarding it are


centerpiece or backsplash with mirror - Bronze, mirror - Late 19th century

Stand or centerpiece with mirror made at the end of the 19th century in Italy or France. The splendid frame is in bronze, with 4 feet underneath, inside a mercury mirror from the period. In good condition, in some places on the frame there are small stains, see photos. It closes


Armchair - Wood - Early 20th century

The seat padding needs to be redone. Small tear in the seat fabric on the left side under the armrest as shown in the photo.


grape - Bronze - Second half 17th century

Grape, bronze, twisted iron handle, decorated with profiled edges and catouches around the base of the ears; high 15.4 cm, diameter upper edge 12 cm, from ear to ear 17.5 cm; France, 17th-18th centuries,


Nested cup weights, Andreas Zickengeist (Ziegengeist); 1681 - 1721, Nuremberg (1) - Bronze - Early 18th century

Becherweight / nesting weights. Closing weight, 10-piece and heavy 2 Cologne Marks, bronze, Nuremberg, outside decorated with stamped edges. Marked on the top of the lid: arrow and key crossed between A Z: Pfeil + Schlüssel Kreuzt mit "A Z", the foundry mark of Andreas


Sculpture, Waarschijnlijk Maria van Annunciatie - 26.5 cm - Wood, polychrome

Beautiful 17th century wooden sculpture for restoration.


Architectural ornament (2) - 18th century - Pair of wooden columns - 58 cm

Pair of solid wood columns. Estimated period: 18th century. Origin: Northern Italy. Dimensions: height 58 cm approx. Traces of the original gilding can still be seen. They are in good general condition, considering their age, with normal and slight signs of aging. There is a lack


Boat sofa - Mahogany - 19th century

Made of blond mahogany wood, pleasantly carved, with fabric covering, with an excellent quality floral motif (see photo). Finished central piece of furniture supported by four solid legs also carved. Beautifully decorated piece of furniture, good comfort, and padding in good


Commode - Wood - 20th century

Venetian style chest of drawers, made with precious wood. This antique embodies the timeless elegance and artistic majesty of a bygone era. The Venetian style is distinguished by its refinement and elaborate decorative details, and this chest of drawers is no exception. The


Candlestick - (2) - Softwood

Superb pair of candlesticks in gilded wood with gold leaf. 19th century Italy period. beautiful no flaws


Sculpture, XIX secolo - "Mascherone" - Mensola con satiro - 28 cm - Wood

Wooden shelf with satyr. Estimated period: 19th century. Origin: Northern Italy. Dimensions: 20x28 cm Approx. It is in fair general condition, considering its age, with signs of aging. Note that the side is missing (see last photo)


Fuelle Avivador de fuego Bellow

Bellows or fire fan, Italy. In finely carved wood, of notable quality, with grotesque faces on both sides. Air outlet in forging, possibly changed later. Good condition, defects in areas of the leather: some breaks or cracks. Very rare piece, worthy of a museum. Size: 60 x 26.5


Candlestick - (2) - Brass

Antique Continental Brass Candlesticks(2) - early 18th century H:130mm L:85mm Total weight:1000grs Nice antique condition with defects of use . Please look at the photos to get your own opinion. Shipping cost wit registered sending Europe 40€


Vetreria di Murano - Chandelier - Glass, Iron (cast/wrought)

Chandelier in Artistic Murano Glass Fume 'and Pink and transparent and Gold. When the heat of the furnaces and the skill and manual skill of the master glassmakers is transformed into art: the chandelier is composed of 4 arms with a cup with a worked and colored edge and


Dining table - Tavolo viene con 12 sedie - Walnut

Round dining table in mahogany wood (diameter 120cm h 74cm, table thickness 8cm), late 19th century, with legs applied after restoration, well preserved. The table comes with 12 wooden chairs with seats covered in woven fabric. Some of the chairs need to be rearranged to make


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