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Roman Empire. Augustus (27 BC-AD 14). AR Denarius, Lugdunum - Gaius & Lucius

Augustus. Lugdunum (27 BC- 14 AD) AR. Denarius. Obv: caesar avgvstvs divi f pater patriae. Laureate head of Augustus facing right. Rev: avgvsti f cos desig princ ivvent. Gaius and Lucius Caesar togate stands facing, flanking two shields and scepters, lituus at left and simpulum


Roman Empire. Maximinus Thrax (AD 235-238). AR Denarius, 235-238 Ric 16

Imperial Roman coin. Maximinus I 235-238. Denarius C.99; Ric 16 AG - 3 Gr. Very beautiful coin, coming from an Italian auction. Coin will be shipped with label from Auction. Registered shipping/other with traceable code


Roman Republic. C. Scribonius. AR Denarius, 154 BC

C. Scribonius. AR Denarius. Rome 154 BC. 3.05 gr. – 18.2 mm. Helmeted head of Roma to right / Dioscuri riding to right, CSCR below (ROMA in ex.) Cr. 201/1 / Syd. 380. The coin will be sent with photographic authenticity certificate via DHL or UPS (Europe, US and Canada); via


Roman Empire. Caracalla (AD 198-217). AR Denarius, Roma, 216 d.C. - Venus

VENVS VICTRIX, Venus with Victoria and scepter, at her side a shield on a helmet. RIC 311b


Roman Empire. Tiberius (AD 14-37). AR Denarius, "Tribute Penny" type. Lugdunum, AD 15-18

"Tribute Penny" type. Lugdunum (Lyon) mint. Group 2, AD 15-18


Roman Empire. Domitian (AD 81-96). AR Denarius, Rome, AD 88 - Minerva standing to left, holding a grounded spear

IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM P M TR P VII, laureate head to right / IMP XIIII COS XIIII CENS P P P, Minerva standing to left, holding a grounded spear. RIC II.1 584


Roman Empire. Antoninus Pius (AD 138-161). AR Denarius, Rome - Vesta

Obv: ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P TR P XVI. Head of Antoninus Pius, laureate, right. Rev: COS IIII. Vesta, veiled, draped, standing left, holding simpulum in extended right hand and palladium in left. Ref: RIC 219


Roman Empire. Gordian III (AD 238-244). AR Antoninianus, Antiochia - Fortuna

IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG Radiate and cuirassed bust of Gordian III to right, seen from behind. Rev. FORTVNA REDVX Fortuna seated left, holding rudder in her right hand and cornucopiae in her left.


Roman Empire. Gordian III (AD 238-244). AR Antoninianus, Rome - Laetitia

IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust to right / LAETITIA AVG N, Laetitia standing to left holding wreath and anchor


Roman Empire. Philip I (AD 244-249). AR Antoninianus, Antioch - Spes

Rev: SPES FELICITATIS ORBIS. Spes advancing left, holding flower and raising hem of garment.


Roman Empire. Philip I (AD 244-249). AR Antoninianus, Antioch - Aequitas

Obv: IMP M IVL PHILIPPVS AVG. Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right. Rev: AEQVITAS AVGG. Aequitas standing left, holding scales and cornucopia.


Roman Empire. Herennius Etruscus (as Caesar, AD 249-251). AR Antoninianus, Rome - PIETAS AVGG, Mercury

Q HER ETR MES DECIVS NOB C, radiate and draped bust to right / PIETAS AVGG, Mercury standing facing, head to left, holding purse and caduceus


Roman Republic. P. Maenius Antiaticus, 132 BC. AR Denarius, ROMA / VICTORIA

P. Maenius Antiaticus, (132 BCE) AR Denarius, 3.31g, 18mm. VAT Rome. Av: helmeted head of the Roma to the right. Rv: Victoria holds reins and wreath on galloping quadriga to the right. Ref: Crawford 249/1; Maenia 7; Sydenham 492. As a Viennese coin dealer, I guarantee the


Paphlagonia, Sinope. AR Drachm, (330-300 BCE) Adler auf Delphin

Paphlagonia, Sinope (~330-300 BCE) Magistrate Dionysios. AR drachma, 5.78 g, 20 mm. Av: head of the nymph n.l. Rev: Eagle on dolphin to the left. SS-/VF-, dent, perforation. Ref: SNG BM 1485. As a Viennese coin dealer, I guarantee the authenticity of my coins. All coins are


Roman Empire. Severus Alexander (AD 222-235). AR Denarius, Rom, Providentia mit Anker, TOP!

Severus Alexander (222-235) AR Denarius, 3.12 g, 21 mm. Mint: Rome. Obv: bust n. r. Rev: Providentia standing with anchor and corn ears; Modius filled with ears of grain on the left. vz/EF. Ref: RIC 250. As a Viennese coin dealer, I guarantee the authenticity of my coins. All


Roman Empire. Philip I (AD 244-249). AR Antoninianus, Rom, LEGIONSADLER zwischen Feldzeichen.

Philip I Arabs (244-249) AR Antoninian, 4.38g, 22mm. Mzst: Rome. Av: bust with radiant crown to the right. Rev: legion eagle between standards. vz-/EF- RIC62. As a Viennese coin dealer, I guarantee the authenticity of my coins. All coins are sent with an invoice!


Kings of Macedonia. Alexander III (336-323 BC). AR Drachm, Miletos

Macedonia, Alexander III - Drachma (Miletos) R/ Monogram and axe. Silver - 4.21 grs - 17.5 mm. Price.2148. VF. See photos for an accurate estimate of quality. Careful shipping.


Roman Empire. Trajan (AD 98-117). AR Denarius, Rome

Trajan - Denarius (Rome) R/ Grand Pontiff, Peace. Silver - 3.08 grs - 18 mm. RIC.16. VF+ Very nice cleaned copy (white appearance). See photos for an accurate estimate of quality. Careful shipping.


Roman Empire. Vespasian (AD 69-79). AR Denarius, AVGVR reverse

Roman Empire. Vespasian (AD 69-79). AR Denarius, Obv: IMP CAES VESP AVG P M COS IIII. Laurate head right. Rx: AVGVR TRI POT. Simpulum, aspergillum, jug and lituus C.45 (2f). Diameter 18 mm, weight 3.31 g See images for a proper impression. Will be sent by registered mail.


Attica, Athens. AR Tetradrachm, ca. 470-465 BC. Late transational issue

ATTICA. Athens ca. 470-465 BC. Late transational issue. AR tetradrachm. 17.22g. / 24mm. HGC 4 1595; Starr 1970 Group IV


Roman Republic. Pub. Lentulus Marceli 100 BC. AR Denarius, Rome

Gens Cornelia Pub. Lentulus Marceli 100 BC Denarius Obv/Bust of Hercules right, seen from behind, with lion's skin and club, D behind , PECS below head Rev/ Roma standing facing, holding spear, crowned by the Genius of the Roman People, holding cornucopiae in left hand; in


Greece. Juba II (25 BC-AD 23). AR Denier, TTB

Well centered coin. A welcome portrait. 18 MM. 29.4G. Workshop / City: Caesarea. Sng Cop. 593


Roman Republic. Mn. Acilius Glabrio, 49 BC. AR Denarius, Rome - SUP

Min. Acilius Glabrio, AR denarius, 49 BC. AD, Rome. Laureate head of Salus (Health) on the right. MN ACILIVS/ III VIR VALETV, Valetudo (Health) standing left, leaning on a column with his left hand and holding a snake in his right hand. Coin having retained much of its original


Kings of Macedonia. Philippos II (359-336 BC). AR Tetradrachm, Pella

Macedonia – Philip II – Pella Tetradrachm – NGC F Strike 5/5 – Surface 2/5. 13.53G. Coin showing significant and even wear. NGC F Strike certified coin: 5/5 and Surface 2/5.


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