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Val Saint Lambert - Two Art Deco candlesticks 'Griffon' 1935 • satin finish

Beautifully designed Luxval candlesticks model 'Griffon' from 1935 in the 'Clair and partly matted' version. . Manufactured by Val Saint Lambert. and the design can be found in the 1913 catalogue. The candlesticks are in good used condition with minimal fleebites. Unfortunately,


Faienceries de Thulin - Vase - Art Deco vazen met polychroom druipglazuur • Groen, bruin en zalmkleurig - Ceramic

Beautiful Art Deco Faienceries de Thulin vases with a polychrome drip glaze decor. (Green, brown and salmon shades). The vase is in excellent, slightly used condition. marked on the bottom: Belgium? 17.5x8x10. The Thulin pottery factory near Mons was founded in 1887, opposite


Statue, De doelman - 29 cm - Zinc alloy

Beautiful sculpture of a goalkeeper, Art-Deco style. This fine sculpture of a goalkeeper is mounted on a yellow/orange marble and is made from a light zinc alloy. The sculpture dates from the 1920s-1930s and shows a faded patina due to its age and red accents at the knee and


Plateelbakkerij Ivora - Vase (2) - 4031 en 541 Cobri - pottery

A jug and a vase with two handles from Ivora, a pottery in Gouda. The jug has model number 4031; the vase 541. The decor is called "Cobri" and is identical to the Muvelee decor from Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland. Both are in very good condition, no defects. An image of the jug is


Giovanni De Martino - Sculpture, Bambina con orecchìni - 39 cm - Bronze Marble

Bronze sculpture and marble base from the early 1900s depicting a common girl with earrings. The sculpture is very suggestive, the eyes, lips and profile are so real that they seem real. Characteristic of this great sculptor was to immortalize the facial expressions of common


Nightstand (2) - Burrwood, Rosewood, Wood

Very rare in terms of beauty and workmanship, a pair of original bedside tables made by the skilled hands of Italian master carpenters and cabinetmakers from the early twentieth century. The bedside tables with a linear structure are embellished with rosewood, walnut and maple


August Walther & Söhne August Walther - Table lamp (1) - Oralitt Lotos III - Brass, Glass

What a beauty, this Oralit Lotos III table lamp from the early 1930s. This lamp was made by. August Walther & Sohne. The lamp is made of glass and shows a beautiful gradient and interplay of lines of dark red and transparent glass. Originally this lamp had two sockets. The


Serving tray - Porcelain, metal

beautiful Art Nouveau tray in the style of Chris van der Hoef from the Netherlands. beautiful pattern lines with the colors green and yellow on a porcelain top, stands on its 4 original raised feet and with 2 handles on the sides. very good condition. dimensions are 39.5 x 22 x


Val Saint Lambert Charles Graffart - Vase (2) - Art Deco Luxval vaas 'AMÉRICAIN - Glass

Pair of Art Deco Luxval vases 'AMÉRICAIN' in the color Amber. Manufactured by Val Saint Lambert. after a design by Charles Graffart & Rene Delvenne. This was made in 1935 in various Luxval colours, including Amber. This is the largest performance of 'Americain. See photos for


Bookend (2) - Bronze or regula?

Pair of art deco/art nouveau bookends representing schools of fish. Very beautiful work in carving and relief details. Marble terrace. Please note: on both bookends, the tip of the uppermost fin is slightly chipped. Height: 15cm. Length of the terrace: 13cm. Width of the


Frecourt - Paper knife - Art Nouveau eagle headed bronze letter opener book marker - Bronze

Art Nouveau bronze eagle headed letter opener book marker. Maker - Frecourt. Signed - on the front edge. Origin - France. Style - Art Nouveau. Material - Bronze. Period - 1890-1919. Size - 27 cm long. Weight - 209 Grams. Condition - Good condition - small signs of aging and


Centrepiece - Art Nouveau floral centerpiece flower dish. - Pewter/Tin

Art Nouveau floral centerpiece flower dish. Maker - unknown. Signed - on the bottom. Origin - France. Style - Art Nouveau. Material - pewter. Period - 1890-1919. Size - 11,5 x 28 cm and 9 cm high. Weight - 1005 Grams. Condition - Good condition - small signs of aging and


Verrerie de Scailmont - Platter - Glass

Decorative art deco bowl from Verrerie de Scailmont in smoked glass (dark brown glass). Rare! Signed BELGE at the bottom. In very good condition. No flakes off. Dimensions: height: 11cm, diameter: 30cm. After careful packaging, the bowl will be shipped with track & trace.


Box - Portagioie "Carpa Koi", Francia Art decò, Firmato Ray Rurgunder - Wood, hand-hammered Etain d'art

Wonderful hand-hammered wooden and tin box with the representation of a Koi carp (the chinoiserie theme was very present in the artists of the art deco period). it is signed on the front face (already visible in the first photo) The patina is original (it was deliberately not


J. Zima - Sculpture, The Hunter - 35 cm - Zamac - 1930

Beautiful statue of a hunter in typical art deco style. Made in great detail. In very good condition. It stands on a marble base. Signed on the foot with Zima.J. It will be shipped well packaged. Foreign bidders are welcome.


Max Le Verrier (1891-1973) - Relief, Grande Coupe en Bronze "Le Discobole" - 15 cm - Patinated bronze

Large bronze tripod bowl signed Max Le Verrier. The Discobolus is one of the most famous statues of antiquity. Attributed to Myron. It represents an athlete throwing the disc. Myron, born at Eleutherae in Attica, in the first half of the 5th century BC. J.-C., is one of the most


Clock - Desk clock - Wood (Mahogany) - 1920-1930

Beautiful art deco mantel clock. 1920-1930. In good working condition with key. Mahogany cabinet


Taperstick - Wood

Set of two candlesticks and an Art Deco photo holder dating from the 1930s. Signs of wear are visible. Shipping possible on request (preferably for collection on site in Schaerbeek, Belgium)


Val Saint Lambert Antonio Bonn - Vase - grote - zware - Crystal

Very beautiful Art Deco vase from the Verreries de Val Saint Lambert. Design by Antonio Bonn. This vase is large and heavy. Height - 28 cm!! Weight - 7.5 kg !! Condition - no limescale, 1 clip at the bottom. Photos are part of the description. Will be safely packaged and


B.Bohrmann - Bottle coaster - Art Nouveau pair of silver plated bottle holders coasters. - Silver-plated

Art Nouveau pair of silver plated bottle holders coasters. Maker - B.Bohrmann. Signed - both on the bottom. Origin - Germany. Style - Art Nouveau. Material - silver plated. Period - 1890-1919. Size - 10 cm wide and 6,5 cm high. Weight - 480 Grams. Condition - Good condition -


Val Saint Lambert Charles GRAFFART - Vase (1) - BADEN - Glass

-1 Art Deco Val St. Lambert Luxval decorative vase, "BADEN" model, from the Art Deco period, dating from 1940. This is the rare salmon pink version. -signed quite finely on the inside background. -Designed by Charles Graffart and René Delvenne. The vase is mentioned in the VSL


Kayserzinn Karl Geyer - Platter (1) - Tin

Art Nouveau dish. Made in Germany in Krefeld by Kayserzinn around 1906. Bowl with handles decorated with subtle floral motifs and vines. Stamped with production number. 4758. 29.5 x 25.5 x 6.5 cm. Patina consistent with age. Shipping €10.00 within the Netherlands


Mantel clock - Art Deco - Marble - 1960-1970

Good conditions. To review. Marble with small, not noticeable chip underneath. Art echoing the 60s. Pewter woman. Really heavy. A broken finger but you can't see it. Shipping is expensive because it is very heavy


Gustave van Vaerenbergh - bust (1)

Bust of Gustave Van Vaerenbergh 1873-1927. 46 cm high, 40 cm deep, 36 kg. In very nice condition, only small chip on the base. Given the size and weight, pick up only or have it delivered to Belgium and the Netherlands €75.00


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