1920-1949 Cupboard

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Rosenthal - Platter

Porcelain bowl on legs, with polychrome decor of two deer, Rosenthal Selb-Bavaria Schneider Art-Deco, circa 1920. HxWxD: 8.2 cm x 24.7 cm x 16.8 cm. Will be sent by registered mail.


Charles Catteau - Keramis Boch Frères La Louvière - Art Deco vase with stylistic polychrome decor - D1102 - 1928

Beautiful Boch Frères La Louvière vase Potiche' designed by Charles Catteau with stylized polychrome flowers and organic color bands. The vase is in good used condition. Neck and foot raised with a triple border (cobalt blue, red, cobalt blue) and connected by four wide vertical


Charles Catteau - Boch Frères • La Louvière Keramis - Art deco vase with polychrome floral decor • D2208 - ca 1936

Beautiful and decorative Boch Frères • Keramis vase designed by Charles Catteau. On the belly four large lobed medallions decorated with stylized flowers, surrounded by a scale pattern. Neck and foot raised with a cobalt blue edge. The. vase is in fine condition. Decor number:


Royal Dux Porzellan-Manufaktur - Image Shepherdess (1)

Royal Dux statue. Shepherdess with sheep. In good condition, no cracks, no breakage. The colored decor is still beautifully present. Wide approx. 27 cm. High approx. 19 cm. Deep approx. 14 cm. Fondée en 1853 dans le Nord de la Bohême à Duchcov (allemangne: Dux), initialement pour


Harvard Electric - Mantel watch

Antique electro-mechanical mantel alarm clock deco style with carved bakelite case 19th century deco decoration; stamped around 1930 . Designed as part of the study group called the Harvard Radio Club that was founded in 1909. The club was made up of students from Harvard and


Collard - Bronze plaque - Belgian Gymnastics Federation.

Bronze plaque. Federal Prize of the Royal Belgian Gymnastics Federation. Antwerp, 1930. Signed: G (eorges). Collard 1930. 73 cm x 42 cm (whole) 62 x 31 x 1 cm (bronze) 9 kg. In perfect condition.


Adnet - Ceramic object, Figurine

Cracked porcelain statuette by Jacques Adnet (France, 1925-1928). Model: “pigeon boulant” (cooing pigeon, head held high), Creamy white cracked porcelain. Piece signed “ADNET” on the front side of the base. Excellent state of conservation: a small trace of wear (1 mm long) on the


Franz Welz - Vase

Height 22.5 cm. Diameter 11.5 cm. Condition: in good condition. Unsigned, unmistakable! See the photos for a good impression. Registered insured shipping.


Vase (2)

Magnificent pair of art nouveau porcelain vases decorated with flowers in relief. Height 31cm. Diameter 32cm. Some small defects on the petals as shown in the photo due to the normal passage of time, overall in good condition and very beautiful. Shipped with insured courier


Dakon Stephan - Goldscheider - Sculpture

Polychrome ceramic sculpture depicting a girl with a hat. The work belongs to a series of typically art deco figures created by the Goldsheider ceramic company of Vienna based on a design by the artist Stephan Dakon (1904-1997). He attended the Vienna sculpture school and carried


Demetre H. Chiparus. - Art Deco sculpture athletic man L'age du bronze. L. 89 cm.

Large Art Deco statue of an athletic man L'age du bronze signed D.H. Chiparus. Patinated metal on marble base. France 193. This model is depicted in: Chiparus -Master of Art Deco, A. Shayo, General information: Art Deco and other figures, Brian Catley. Art Deco sculpture, Victor


Charles Schneider - Le Verre Français - Art Deco cameo glass vase Dahlias 32 cm.

Beautiful large cameo glass vase with dahlias motif. Signed Le Verre Français. 1923-1926. Information: This motif is depicted in. Charles Schneider - Le Verre Français - Charder - Schneider, Marie-Christine Joulin & Gerold Maier. Schneider, Edith Mannoni, Massin Editeur.


Armand Godard - Art Deco sculpture woman with panther L. 70 cm.

Large Art Deco statue of a sitting woman with panther. Signed by Armand Godard. Green patina on brown marble base with onyx inlay and Portor top. Literature about the artist: Art deco sculpture, Victor Arwas, Academy. Statuettes of the Art Deco period, Alberto Shayo. With


Jaume Martrus y Riera. - Gieterij G. Bechini, Barcelona. - Art Deco bronze sculpture bathing nude

Art Deco bronze sculpture bathing nude by Jaume Martrus y Riera. With foundry mark of G. Bechini, Barcelona. Patinated bronze on green marble base. Spain 1925. Information about the artist: Dictionnaire des peintres, sculpteurs, dessinateurs et engravers E. Benezit. Grund. With


Pair of decorative vases cassolettes in marble and bronze

Beautiful pair of Art Deco cassolettes or ornamental vases in red marble and silver plated bronze. France, ca 1925. They are ornamental vases, the lids are fixed. Weight: 6 kg each.


Amedeo Gennarelli (1881-1943) - Gieterij Les Neveux de Lehmann - Art Deco bronze sculpture The young archer

Large Art Deco bronze sculpture The young Sagittarius. Signed by Amadeo Gennarelli, born in Naples and working in France. With foundry stamp of Les Neveux de Lehmann. The sculpture has a vibrant, green patina, France ca. 1930. Literature: Art Deco sculpture, Victor Arwas,


Herend - Dachshund

Special art deco dachshund porcelain sculpture from the Herend Porcelain Manufactory. (Hungary) Extremely rare. True collector item! Ca: 1930-1940. Form number: 5520. Dimensions: 20 x 10 x 15,5 cm. Antiqe Herend stamp at the bottom of the sculpture. Excellent condition! No


Schaubach Kunst, Germany - Art Deco - “Oriental Dancer” - ca 1930

Magnificent Art Deco figurine of an Oriental/Belly Dancer, made by Schaubach-Kunst Porzellanmanufactur, in excellent condition. It depicts a show stage dance performer, dressed in oriental fashion, wearing beads in her hair and across her nude breasts, tiny vest, jeweled belt


Margit Izsépy - Ceramic bust of an African Woman

Beautiful art deco ceramic bust of an african woman in very good condition. Very rare, nice piece. True collector item! Hand painted glazes on molted and handmade terracotta. Ca. 1940, Budapest, Hungary Unmarked. From private collection in Budapest. The photos are part


Jean Mazeaud et Jean Faverot - Sevres - Bowl

Magnificent porcelain bowl, from the Céramiques de Sèvres workshops, by Jean Mazeaud and Jean Faverot 1940.


Dr Rezső Rank - Art Deco Wall Mask

Excellent Hungarian terracotta art deco female ceramic wall mask. Handmade terracotta. Ca: 1920-1930 Hungary. Very rare piece. The wall mask was designed by the famous Hungarian sculptor Dr. Rank Rezső. Dimensions: 27 x 19 x 7 cm. Condition : In excellent condition, no


Art Deco Lady sculpture

Beautiful Art Deco ceramic Hungarian sculpture in excellent condition, depicting a beautiful nude female figure. Handmade, painted terracotta. Very rare, beautiful piece. A real collector's item! Circa 1940-1948. Excellent condition! No chips or repairs! Dimensions: 22,5 x


Muller Frères - Luneville - Vase

Very beautiful frosted glass vase from the Muller Brothers of Luneville. Art Deco style, estimated period 1920-1949. This magnificent rare vase reveals reflections in the light. The Muller brothers were all trained in the glass working profession and the best known are Eugène


Drasche Porcelain Manufactory - Art Deco Pierrot

Beautiful porcelain figurine in art deco style from the Drasche Porcelain Factory Budapest, Hungary) in excellent condition. Very rare piece. Hand painted. Mark: D (Drasche) stamp, Kézifestés (Hand painted) Base: 6x7 cm. Height: 19,5 cm. From private collection in Budapest.


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