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Desk - Historicism - Wood - Early 20th century

Umbertine center desk. Italy, Umbria 1900. Two deep side drawers, one central drawer. Original wrought iron handles. Original iron key escutcheons. National walnut wood. Furniture in excellent condition although the top needs to be restored. Given the size of the object,


Desk - Softwood - First half 20th century

Desk in solid wood, turned, body with 5 drawers and wrought iron hardware. Portuguese production first half of the century. XX. Usage signs.


Dal modello di Vincenzo Gemito (1852-1929) - Fonderia Gemito - Sculpture, Busto di Carmela - 50 cm - Bronze

Vincenzo Gemito is one of the most important Italian sculptors in the history of art. Bust of Carmela, lost wax bronze, signed Gemito with "Fonderia Gemito" brand, first half of the 20th century. Carmela is a portrait of Gemito's insightful vision of Neapolitan beauty.


small round folding table - Renaissance Style - Walnut - Late 19th century

small round Louis XIII style folding table in walnut with two swivel legs that can support the flaps, beautiful sculpture patterns on the main top, also a drawer. Colissimo France shipments.


Pair of bronze patinated spelter vases on a green marble base (2) - Renaissance Style - Marble, Spelter - 19th century

19th century pair of bronze patinated spelter vases on a green marble base. In well-preserved condition, wear to patination. Dimensions: Height: 31.5 cm. Width: 10.5 cm. Length: 14.5 cm. Weight (2): 3 kg. Professional packaging + shipping with track & trace.


Verzilverd Ballroom Notebook / Balboekje - 1900

A silver-plated ball book with beautiful details in the decoration. One side shows a stylized decor with cartouche and the other side with a floral motif. The mount above the hinge has also been edited, the pencil is original. The pencil also serves to keep the book closed. The


Box, blue opaline glass with bronze fittings - Glass - Late 19th century

Antique box in blue opaline glass with brass/bronze fittings. In beautiful condition. The item will be shipped carefully packaged


Jardinière (1) - Louis XVI Style - Brass, Gilt, Glass - Circa 1900

Magnificent Louis XVI style planter. Pressed glass brass. The brass is very finely worked decorated with friezes of flowers and very richly decorated columns and meticulously chiselled incredible work. The glass is pressed with grooves on the top, no chips or cracks. Planter in 2


Liquor cabinet - Brass, Burrwood, Bois noirci

Opening it reveals a box containing four beautiful carved glass carafes and 15 carved crystal glasses. The glass vase stands with a gilded Omeru naturalistic stand in the style of the Maison Vervelle Audot in Paris. This is an absolutely gorgeous set that is sure to turn heads.


Susse Frères - Box (1) - Caja escritorio en bois noirci - Brass, Mother of pearl, Wood (Kingwood), Bois Noirci

Writing box in black wood from the Susse Freres house, mid-19th century with a rosewood interior and filigree on the top made of brass and mother-of-pearl. By lifting the lid we access the interior where we find two compartments with their covers and two inkwells also housed in


Wall sconce - Louis XIV Style - Bronze (gilt) - Late 19th century

Two beautiful bronze-gilded candlesticks from the late 19th century. They are in good condition and stylishly decorated.


Mirror (1) - Girandole mirror - Bronze (gilt)

Important bronze Rocaille mirror decorated with scrolls and flowers, decorated with three arms of light. 19th century, Louis XV style. In good condition . See all photos that share the description. Height: 65 Width:54cm+/- Depth:16cm+/-


Centrepiece - Bronze, Crystal

French Empire centerpiece in crystal (diamond tip) and gilded bronze, height 27 cm, width 17 cm, the centerpiece is intact


Candlestick - (2) - Bronze

Pair of empire candlesticks. 2 chiseled gilded bronze candlesticks. Each part is finely guilloché. 11 cm in diameter at the base. Height: 28 cm.


Jewellery box - Gilded metal (pomponne), cut glass, miniature painting

An exceptional box due to its size 14.5 x 8 x 4.5 cm, its shape, the sublime medallion on the lid and the refined metalwork.. The medallion contains a signed painting of a lady from high society and is covered with a convex cut glass. The inside is lined with velvet in a rich


Statuette, Duo d'encensoirs en bronze portés par le diable, circa 1900 - 16 cm - Bronze (gilt), Marble, Wood

Rare and pretty duo of bronze devils, each presenting a censer in their arms. Would it be a perfume burner, an all burner or something else entirely? These bronzes date from around 1900. They are mounted on a base made from two marbles of different colors, one white marble and


Rocking chair - Renaissance Style - Wood - Second half 19th century

Walnut throne chair with leather seat. Missing angel arm in perfect condition, leather seat


Desk - Burr walnut, Walnut - 19th century

Ancient Lombard chair desk, 19th century. Furniture in walnut wood and walnut root, with beautiful lines and pleasant furnishings! Having two doors with a good capacity internal shelf! (See Photo). With three drawers on the central body, and finally it has four small drawers on


Extending table - Renaissance Style - Oak wood - 19th century

Ancient table, in Renaissance style, 19th century. Table Made of Oak Wood, supported by a stem with splendid carved sculptures (See Photo). Extendable table, with two additional legs once extended (see photo). Measures: Table: H: 76cm W: 104cm W: 202cm (Extended) D: 115cm. In


Extending table - Renaissance Style - Carved Walnut - 20th century

Antique Extendable Table, in Renaissance Style, 1900s. Furniture pleasantly carved in walnut wood, supported by a beautiful central stem structure with various carvings depicting typical sculptures of the style (see photo). Internal structure, which when opened features two


Desk - Leather, Oak - Late 18th to early 19th century

Explore the charm of the craftsmanship of the late 19th and early 20th century with this antique carved walnut desk. This piece of furniture is a work of art in itself, with the intricately carved walnut wood adding a touch of elegance and history to your space. The leather top


Sideboard - Renaissance Style - Wood - Late 19th century

Ancient sideboard, second half of the 19th century. Sideboard in excellent condition, composed of two pieces, a lower one with drawers and doors and an upper one with doors only. It has an ancient Renaissance style riser built at the end of the 19th century. Solid EBONY wood,


Credenza, food storage - Renaissance Style - Wood - Late 19th century

Ancient belief. Dating: late 19th century. Sideboard in excellent condition, with antique baroque style stand. It has no damage and has been treated with anti-worm resin and polished to enhance the precious carvings. It has not undergone any alterations and both the locks and


Majestic Tuscan sideboard with marble - Renaissance Style - Marble, Wood - Late 19th century

SERVANT - RENAISSANCE. Majestic servant carved by 19th century Tuscan master cabinetmakers. Figures of mythological masks, cherubs, fruits and daisies typical of the time and very fascinating. Even if intact, this piece of furniture retains the signs of time, it originally had


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