Late 18th century Jar

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Crucifix (1) - Bronze - Late 18th century

Bronze crucifix with natural patina. Proportionate representation of Christ, with beautiful details in the hair and drapery. Cross with engravings and tripod base with feral feet. Object of great charm, aimed at collectors of the genre. Good conservative and structural


Icon Of The Fiery Ascent Of The Prophet Elijah - Gold-plated, Wood, Tempera - Late 18th century

Painted in egg tempera and gold on wood; the upper part of the icon is dominated by Elijah in his fiery chariot ascending to heaven. In the upper left-hand corner is God Sabaoth, and in the top right, the Archangel Gabriel. In the lower register Elijah is depicted in the desert


terracotta (1) - Earthenware

Delicious albarello Naples 18th century


Sculpture, Lokeend - 13.5 cm - Wood

Beautiful decoy duck, comes from France, the paradise for hunters. Another nice polychromy present and glass eyes. Clamp in front so the duck didn't float away.


Icon, Travel icon - Bronze, Enamel - Late 18th century

Rare Russian quadriptych travel icon dating from the beginning of the 19th century in enameled bronze representing the sixteen major festivals. The bronze is gilded and enameled blue and white. This object comes from a former collection of Count Ivan Ivanovich III Steinbock -


Carriage stew - Copper - 19th century

Beautiful antique piece, neat.


Diptych sundial, Stockert (1) - Paper, Wood - Late 18th century

Solar diptych "of Nuremberg" (clock) similar to those by David Berenger, signed in the center under the compass by his contemporary Bavarian maker Stockert, active in Bavaria around 1750. In the eighteenth century very few people could afford a mechanical pocket watch, and the


Nutcracker - Dutchman - Wood

An 18th century nutcracker, a typical Dutch figure. Circa 1750/1780. In perfect and excellent condition. Our packages are carefully wrapped up in quality materials and shipped insured with a track and trace. If you have won multiple objects you will not pay additional shipping


Icon - Christ the almighty Enthroned - Wood - Late 18th century

Large Antique Russian wooden orthodox icon of Christ the almighty Enthroned


Icon, Apparition of the Mother of God to Sergius of Radonesh - Wood - Late 18th century

The Holy Trinity is depicted in the top center - Sergius founded the Trinity Monastery. The Mother of God appears accompanied by the Apostle Peter and John St. Sergius. The middle field and the robe of the Mother of God are decorated with baroque golden ornamentation. minor


golden wood carving - Wood - Late 18th century

Carved and gilded wooden piece in the shape of a rosette or flower made of pine wood in Spain, late 18th century. The piece was part of an altarpiece or altar of which only this piece is preserved. Note that it is missing gold and has acceptable conservation conditions taking


- - Toy vehicle Antieke Hindelooper duw slee traditioneel beschilderd - Netherlands

Beautiful traditionally hand-painted push sled. This sled was used by children around 1900-1920 in Hindeloopen, a town on the old Zuiderzee which is now called the Ijselmeer and is suitable for 1 child. Hindelooper painting is a traditional age-old folk painting originating from


Column (2) - Wood - Late 18th century

Two circular wooden columns, Spain, late 18th century. Different carvings. Wood expansion cracks. Measurements: 122 cm. high x 12 cm. in diameter. The photographs are part of the description and prevail over possible errors made in it. (00334)


handmade - Mortar and pestle (2) - Marble

Antuco pharmacy mortar I was told that it is from the mid 18th century and carved in marble, well made with pestle as shown in the photo. I am selling it as it is h12x15x15cm and weighs approximately 4.5kg. It must be shipped in a well protected box, thank you. #RoomsbyLiza.


Treef - Andiron - Andiron (3) - Iron (cast), Iron (wrought)

Super nice set for the fireplace. The grid for stacking the logs is elegantly made of heavy wrought iron, and as you can see the grid has been put to good use! In addition, two fire andirons with copper knobs on the wrought iron andirons. Dim.: Buck. H 30. B 15. D 14. Schedule.


Picture frame (2) - Brass, Glass

2 Antique Photo Frames of Gilded Brass and Thick Glass. 2 Beautiful rare antique photo frame made of gilded brass with stand and an approximately 1 cm thick cut glass plate. The frames measure approximately 17.5cm in height and 11cm in width with a glass plate of 16.5x11cm in


Sculpture, Paar Antieke Terracotta Muur Consoles / Boeksteunen, circa 1900 (2) - 19 cm - Terracotta

Pair of Antique Terracotta Wall Consoles – Bookends. 2 Very beautiful and very rare antique wall consoles of a bearded man and a woman with a headscarf made in terracotta. We date them around 1900, possibly earlier. The consoles can also be used as bookends and measure 19x11cm


Casket, Jewellery box, Powder case - Napoleon III - Brass, Glass - 19th century

Very beautiful and rare courtesy box, Napoleon III period. Medallion on the lid resembles a faded portrait. Inside, there is a beveled vanity mirror. The straps are either brass or gilded bronze. In good general condition* Look carefully at the photos, they are an integral part


Jewellery box (2) - Brass, Wood (Ebony), Wood (Walnut)

1. Napoleon III period glove box in burl walnut. Domed lid decorated with a cartridge with brass and ebony inlays. Interior padded with red silk moire (wear and tear) Dimensions: Length 31.5 cm / width 10.5 cm Height 7.7 cm. weight: 600g. 2. Mahogany glove box? and 19th century


Hand fan - for half mourning (1) - Napoleon III - Wood, Silk crepe, Lace - ca 1890

An extraordinary mourning fan, or half 1890. Usually mourning fans were just black wood and black silk or cotton. Half mourning fans were for after the period of the full mourning and usually in greys, white and black. For a full mourning fan this one is too opulent


Sculpture, Roman soldier - Oak - Late 18th century

Oak sculpture. Roman soldier. late 18th century, France?


Deposition of Jesus Christ - Bas-relief sculpture (1) - Plaster - Late 18th century

Beautiful ancient plaster bas-relief sculpture depicting the Deposition of Jesus Christ. On the left margin, on a rock, the signature and date are engraved. Dimensions: approximately 22x17x2 cm. In good condition: 5 small scratches of 3 to 7 millimeters, some superficial


Console table - Louis XVI - Marble, Wood - Late 18th century

French 18th century console table with marble top, circa 1780-1790. The wood carvings are still in perfect condition. #StephaneVanhandenhovenCollection


Sculpture, Angel/Putto - 50 cm - Gilt, Wood - Late 18th century

Extraordinary Angel/Putto in carved and gilded wood of large dimensions and exceptional quality. Venetian area with small defects highlighted in the photos, which however do not affect the overall work. Measurement height cm. 50. Maximum width cm. 40.


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