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Secrétaire à abattant - Napoleon III - Brass, Mother of pearl, Wood - 20th century

Boulle-style furniture, sinfornier with desk, with mother-of-pearl and metal marquetry, and wood, in perfect condition of high quality for decoration. 135x65cm


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Ornaments (h. 36cm) (2) - Napoleon III - Bronze, Marble, Ormolu - Second half 19th century

Stunning pair of gilt bronze flower bouquets on inlaid black marble bases. Bronze feline friezes attached to the front of the bases. Carved and shaped feet. Fabulous antique craftsmanship with great decorative appeal. Preserved in very good condition, with normal signs of wear


Mirror - Napoleon III - Blackened and gilded, Wood - about 1900

Beautiful, gold-plated, oval Napoleon III mirror with beautifully decorated frame. Lot will be packaged with care and sent by registered mail. Photos complete this description.


Andirons / Chenets - Napoleon III - Bronze (gilt), Iron (cast/wrought) - Late 19th century

Antique Andirons, France gilt bronze Paris, approx. 1870- 1900 In good condition. Gild is of course bit worn. Width 15 cm Height 30 cm Depth 42 cm


Hand fan (1) - Napoleon III - Ostrich feathers - ca 1885

A fantastic signed fan, ca 1885. This feather brisé fan was made by the popular éventaillist Geslin in Paris. A firm known for fashionable quality fans. Frame made of tortoise, including the rivet (the loop) and even the pivot crowned with tortoise caps. All in a very good


Doors with beautiful openwork motif (2) - Napoleon III - Brass, Bronze - Second half 19th century

Pair of Napoleon III doors with a beautiful central pattern with a lion in the middle. You will also see garlands and floral motifs. Beautifully designed and suitable for any interior. Very decorative. With original patina. Lot will be carefully packaged and sent by registered


Hand fan - Napoleon III - tortoiseshell/feathers - Second half 19th century

An exceptionally luxurious feather fan, ca 1885. The frame of tortoise shell in warm brown shades. With square shoulders and the guards rounded at the top. Front guard with a metal gilded monogram. Also the loop in tortoise, all in excellent condition. The large ostrich feathers


Hand fan (1) - Napoleon III - Bone, Satin, Lace - Late 19th century

A rare wedding fan, ca 1885-1890. It is a very large fan, as was the fashion around 1890. A bone frame with carved dangling garlands and every other stick has carved or fretted circles. The leaf in a cotton satin, applied with machine made lace. Pivot crowned with celluloid rings


Hand fan (1) - Napoleon III - Bone, Paper - Mid 19th century

Lovely Napoleon III fan, ca 1850_1860. Bone frame, reticulated and carvings covered with gold foil. A double paper leaf, recto with a hand colored lithography of elegant persons dressed in 18th century attire in a garden. Verso with a hand-painted view on a landscape with a Roman


Hand fan (1) - Napoleon III - Bone - Late 19th century

Extremely large hand fan, ca 1890-1895. Beautifully carved and fretted bone frame. Taking a look at the sticks, the artful carvings show craftsmanship. Especially the large guards are impressive. The gauze leaf is embellished with machine made lace, which forms three medallions.


Hand fan (1) - Napoleon III - Bone, Silk - circa 1885

A quite extraordinary hand fan, dated 1885. The bone frame beautifully carved and reticulated in an unusual asymmetric design. On the silk leaf a handpainted flower arrangement, signed J. Collin and dated 1885. A signature on fans is not unusual, dated is not often seen. Overall


Vase - Napoleon III - Bronze (gilt), Glass - Late 19th century

Magnificent Napoleon III vase. Sumptuous bronze ornament. Height 24.5cm. Diameter 14cm. Neck diameter 8cm


Large antique flowerpot - 52cm - Napoleon III - Brass - Second half 19th century

Large antique brass planter with a wide base and exceptional weight. It is of great beauty and age and is in good condition with a beautiful antique patina ready for display in classic interiors or exteriors. Certified shipping and good packaging.


Secrétaire à abattant - Georgian - Brass, Elm wood - Second half 18th century

Georgian native elmwood desk, folding desk. Fire-gilded brass buttons in the interior. Bone key entrées and shield fittings. Knobs, hinges and fittings original. Desk flap supported by two 'stick guides' including 4 drawers. Entirely supported by 'bracket' legs. Lock and key of


Environment the table in Chinoiserie style - Napoleon III - Bronze, Crystal, Patinated Copper - Late 19th century

Napoleon III Milieu de table in Chinoiserie style finished with openwork edge; set in bronze frame. Centrally equipped with beautiful crystals, cut, partly satin-finished flute with beautifully finished edge. Flûte is packaged separately for safe shipping. Centerpiece will be


Cigar box - Napoleon III - Brass, Bois noirci - Second half 19th century

Blackened wooden cigar box with brass inlay and interior with two removable trays. The text in the lid: 'Cigares et Tabac'. Includes key. Dimensions inside containers: approximately 19.5 x 8.5 x 3.2 cm. In good condition. Minor damage and restorations throughout. The interior


Ring sizer - cut - Napoleon III - Brass, Opaline and amethyst pompom - Second half 19th century

Rare and very fine basket-shaped ring sizer in soapy white opaline with pompom setting and small amethysts around the edge. Work from the Napoleon III period. Typical of the shops at the Palais Royal Paris.


Box, Casket, Jewellery box (3) - Napoleon III - Straw marquetry - 19th century

Lot of 3 boxes in 19th century straw marquetry. go into each other. Dimensions: largest 11 cm x 8 cm. weight 250gr. In good condition except the last one whose cover has been glued back on. Take a good look at the photos, they serve as a description.


Box, Casket, Jewellery box (2) - Napoleon III - Brass, Burrwood, Silk - Late 19th century

2 magnificent Napoleon III sewing/jewelry boxes from the 19th century. Big. Weight 435gr. Length 19.5. Width 13.5. Height 8.5. 2 small arabesques are missing. Small box. Weight 380 gr. Length 17 cm. Width 12 cm. Height 8cm. In good general condition, except for a few losses. look


Casket, Jewellery box, Powder case - Napoleon III - Brass, Glass - 19th century

Very beautiful and rare courtesy box, Napoleon III period. Medallion on the lid resembles a faded portrait. Inside, there is a beveled vanity mirror. The straps are either brass or gilded bronze. In good general condition* Look carefully at the photos, they are an integral part


Box, Jewellery box (3) - Napoleon III - Brass, Ebony, Spelter, Velvet - 19th century

1. Very beautiful pocket watch holder, late 19th century pocket tray, pocket tray in enamelled pink crystal, brass support decorated with flowers. Height 11 cm / Width 6 cm. weight: 59gr. 2. Magnificent pocket/watch holder from the Napoleon III period, in regula and brass. It is


Hand fan - for half mourning (1) - Napoleon III - Wood, Silk crepe, Lace - ca 1890

An extraordinary mourning fan, or half 1890. Usually mourning fans were just black wood and black silk or cotton. Half mourning fans were for after the period of the full mourning and usually in greys, white and black. For a full mourning fan this one is too opulent


Hand fan (2) - Napoleon III - Bone, Paper, Celluloid, Feathers - ca 1860 and ca 1910

Two interesting fans. No.1. A mother of pearl hand fan, with a litography paper leaf, ca 1860_1865. The mother of pearl mount in an intricate design of flowers, garlands and arabesques, carved and open work. Covered with gold and silver foil. The hand colored lithography


Hand fan (1) - Napoleon III - Silk, Wood, Painted leaf - Late 19th century

A large hand fan, ca 1885. Serpentine frame of an exotic kind of wood. The serpentine shape goes on in the spines, quite uncommon. The leaf handpainted with a nymph on a cloud. A very popular theme in this era. The frame in an excellent condition. Note that the leaf has some


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