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Sarreguemines - Coffee service (12) - Porcelain

Coffee or Tea Service - Minton design "Fleur des Indes", with butterfly, decoration in pink colors, Sarreguemines, France (6 sets) Good condition. Each piece is stamped with the green Crown & Shield mark, the maker's mark, indicating the approximate time of manufacture between


Icon - Saint Peter and Saint Paul - Wood - 19th century

Ancient painted icon depicting Saints Peter and Paul of the nineteenth century. The icon is embellished with a very detailed gilded metal Riza (Oklad). Note the details of the robes, the bottom and the frame with geometric designs. The icon is very well readable and you can


Portuguese 19th century - Cup - Glass

Drinking glass. crystal. Moulded decoration with the Kingdom heraldic shield and possibly King Miguel I effigy. Portugal, 19th century. Dimension: 10.5x8.0 cm. Good condition. Sent via UPS with tracking number


Icon, Travel icon, Nicholas - Bronze - 19th century

Colorful icon with the famous Saint Nicholas. Saint Nicholas, also known as Nicholas of Myra, was a bishop in the early Christian Church and is venerated as a saint in the Orthodox tradition. He is known for his generosity and compassion, especially towards children and the poor,


Icon, Travel icon, Holiday four-part - Bronze, Enamel - 19th century

This quadriptych shows the important festivals in the Orthodox Church. These include the Annunciation, Christmas, Easter, Ascension and Pentecost. The icon shows the entire church year and also a number of images of icons of Mary. The icon has blue enamel and looks very good.


Meissen - Figurine (1) - Porcelain

VERY rare Meissen porcelain figural group from the series of Russian peasant. 19th century. About 4" high. Several parts are missing, see photo.


Icon - Wood - 19th century

Ancient and fascinating quadripartite icon, depicting four images of the Mother of God, on the left on the margin, St. Bonifacio, egg tempera on wooden background, engraved decorations. The precious images of the Mother of God can be interpreted from top left, clockwise: -


Icon, Madonna and child - Wood - 19th century

What you see in our photos is a beautiful Polish icon, completely painted with gold. We see Mary with the baby Jesus. The icon has the subtitle: We flee to your protection. The icon is almost intact, only very modest signs of age. Please also view our photos, which are


Icon, Our Lady Warantress of the Sinful - Wood - 19th century

Antique Russian wooden orthodox icon of Our Lady „Warantress of the Sinful“/„Sporuchniza“


Icon, Birth of Christ - Wood - 19th century

Antique Russian wooden orthodox icon of the birth of Christ/christmas


Icon, Our Lady of Kazan - Silver, Velvet, Wood - 19th century

Tiny Russian icon from the second half of the 19th century. Depicting the Kazan Madonna with finely worked silver riza, author r.c. 1892. All the information are written in the signed certificate of authenticity from the Padua shop from which it was purchased. It has some damage


Magnificent inkwell depicting a dog with lively eyes - Bronze - 19th century

I am selling from my collection this magnificent and delightful bronze inkwell, double patina, depicting a dog with lively eyes, sitting awaiting the orders of its master, on an ogee base decorated with a frieze of water leaves. This item covers a receptacle with an inkwell,


Daubree - Bust, Mat de Dombasle (1) - Bronze - 19th century

Very beautiful and rare and solid full bronze bust with a marking - Daubree. The bust is very finely crafted and has a very striking facial expression. Daubree was a 19th century French foundry. The bust represents the well-known French agar scientist - Christoph Joseph


Icon, Mother of God of the sign - Wood - 19th century

the icon has been professionally redesigned. Background and border have been renewed


Icon, The temple corridor of the Mother of God - Wood - 19th century

19th century Russian icon with Basma. The temple corridor of the Mother of God. Egg tempera on a chalk ground on a wooden panel (linden wood), partial gilding. Metal basma Restorations. The size is approx.: 20 x 17 x 2 cm.


Icon, Mother of God of Smolensk - Wood - 19th century

small attunements in the right hand of the Mother of God and the golden nimbe. The Church Slavonic title is written on the left at shoulder height of the Mother of God


Icon, Blessed Mother Joy of All Sufferers - Dated - Wood - 19th century

The icon is dated on the lower edge of the icon and comes from the Tver region. In this rarer variant, no supplicants are depicted, but rather various groups of saints. Above the saint you can see the Archangel Michael on the left and the Holy Guardian Angel with scrolls on the


Crucifix (1) - Brass, Wood - 19th century

Very nice crucifix from Aumann. Inside made of wood and outside made of brass.


Angel (1) - Bronze (gilt) - 19th century

Very beautifully decorated angel made of gilded bronze in good condition.


Altar candlesticks in the shape of a cross from the Belgian Monastery (2) - Gold-plated - 19th century

Beautiful altar candlesticks in the shape of a cross, very rare. In reasonable condition with signs of use. Objects are carefully packed and shipped.


Crucifix - Wood - 19th century

Precise Christ carved in polychrome wood, 19th century, ideal for a desk.


Sculpture, Charles Martel vs. Abderame - Bronze (gilt) - 19th century

Gilded bronze statue depicting the battle of Karel Martel against the moor Emir Abderame. As usual, the statue is composed of several parts. The parts are made of bronze and then gilded. Very heavy version. 19th century. No noticeable signature. The marble base is more


Sculpture, Saint Joseph with child (31 cm.) - Wood - 19th century

An incredible wooden carved statue of Saint Joseph from the late 19th Century. A spectacular item to display anywhere you see fit. Measure approximately: Weight: 998g. Height: 31 cm. Wide: 11 cm. Length: 14cm. Tracked shipping and protective package.


Sculpture, Two putti as a hunter and a fisherman (2) - Bronze - 19th century

Two bronze sculptures. Base (later) in lacquered and faux marble painted wood. Height excluding the base cm. 13


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