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Hand fan (1) - Napoleon III - Mother of pearl, Silk, Lace - Second half 19th century

An absolutely stunning fan dating from around 1880. A silk satin leaf, in excellent condition, applied with handmade lace. The lace forming a medallion, wherein two cherubs playing musical instruments. Music playing cherubs are a symbol for harmony, so this fan was most probably


Hand fan (1) - Louis XVI - Bone, Silk - Late 18th century

A rare 18th century wedding fan, ca 1780-1790. During the 18th century in high circles it was a habit that the future husband would present his bride to be with a fan as expensive as he could afford. To the end of the 18th century we are heading to Neo classism, so this fan was


Hand fan (1) - Napoleon III - Silk, Tortoiseshell - Late 19th century

A luxurious hand fan, 1890-1900. A very collectable fan due to the signature. Frame of beautiful tortoise shell. A silk leaf with a skillfully painted flower arrangement in vivid colors by Marie Adam. Marie Adam was well known for miniatures and fans. Recto in a very good


Icon, Madonna and child - Wood - 19th century

What you see in our photos is a beautiful Polish icon, completely painted with gold. We see Mary with the baby Jesus. The icon has the subtitle: We flee to your protection. The icon is almost intact, only very modest signs of age. Please also view our photos, which are


Tile (1) - 1600-1650

17th century tile, no restorations


Tile - Landscapes - 1700-1750

Six wall tiles, From an old farm build 1658, with the name "farm of the boys". In the beginning 1700 there was a renovation. The farm was lokated in the small village Ouddorp on the island Goeree-Overflakkee the Netherlands. Now the farm is demolished.


Tile (1) - 1650-1700

Antique tile: Chinese man without corner filling. Rare ! No breakage and no restorations! Careful packaging, insured shipping


Tile - Kievitsbloem - Gouda Holland - 1600-1650

Antique tile with Lapwing flower. Gouda tile from the 2nd quarter of the 17th century. See photos for quality. No restorations.


Tile - Randtegel met Eenhoorn - 1600-1650

Rare antique border tile with unicorn. 8 x 13.2 cm. The bottom of the tile has been restored, see photos.


Baccarat - Decanter - Crystal

Antique decanter in splendid French Baccarat crystal cut and decorated by hand, with an elegant shape. In excellent condition, given its age there may be some traces of limited use, air bubbles or small imperfections due to manual processing. It is not signed as it is from before


Tile - 4 stuks Riddertegels-Puntgaaf - 1920-1930

4 pieces of extremely beautifully detailed painted knights on horseback. NO restorations, pristine! Shiny glaze. See the photos for further impressions. Dimensions: 130x130x6 mm. Approx. 1910-1930 Utrecht. Price 150 euros. Will be carefully packaged and shipped with track and


Tile (1) - bijbelse scene - Antieke delftse tegel met anjers als hoekfiguur, vervaardigd in Amsterdam. - ca 1725 - 1775

Joshua 2:4,5,15,16, "Rahab hides the spies" on an Amsterdam tile around the mid-18th century. A very rare image, and exceptionally finely painted. After a print by Pieter Schut, (ca 1618 - after 1660) from "Toneel ofte Vertooch der Bybelschen Historien" published in 1659. The


Tile - vogel op tak - 1600-1650

Antique tile with bird on branch. Tiny chip at the top edge filled, visible in the photo. Top left corner filled, see photo. Not restored. Beautiful glaze.


Tile (1) - zeldzame afbeelding van een tropische vogel - kolibri - 1650-1700

A special - tropical - bird, on a Dutch tile from the 2nd half of the 17th century. The image is taken from a print by Jan Collaert (Antwerp 1561 - 1620), published around 1600. The print also shows a toucan, this bird, like the hummingbird, only occurs in South America. The


Tile - Herder en Herderinnetje in het veld. - 1750-1800

Nice image of a male and female Shepherd in the field. Also suitable on the door of a toilet ?? Note the exposed bosom. NO restorations, glossy enamel. Dimensions: 126x127x7 mm. Approx. 1780 Makkum. Price: 60 euros. Will be carefully packaged and shipped with Postnl parcel


Tile - Een "Vergeet me nietje" op deze tegel-Zeldzaam. - 1600-1650

Rare image of "Forget me nots" on this colored tile. Also note the large French lily corners. NO restoration and/or glued parts. See the photos further. Thick tile of Red clay with 4 nail points. Dimensions: 126x126x15! mm. Approx. 1630 Rotterdam ? Will be carefully packaged and


Tile (1) - Antieke tegel met driebloem en christelijke symboliek. - Renaissance - 1620 - 1640

A non-existent flower - acorn and fritillary flower - with symbolism from the 2nd quarter of the 17th century. The glans is central. As a seed, the acorn symbolizes new life. It is also the fruit of the oak. The oak is the king of the forest and symbolizes strength and eternal


Tile (1) - Antieke balustertegel met een visser - palingsteker. - Renaissance - ca 1625 - 1650

A man hunting for eel, on a Dutch tile from the first half of the 17th century. In his hands he has a stick with a strip of iron at the end with perpendicular teeth. With this flat "rake", called an eel picker or elger, he sticks into the shallow water when he suspects that


Antique Delft blue tile with biblical scene. - Earthenware

Antique tile with a biblical scene with a unicorn. No restorations! 12.9 x 12.9 x 0.7 cm.


Tile - tulp - 1600-1650

Antique tile with tulip. See photos for quality. Beautiful shine. No restorations. Very thick tile (1.7 cm).


Antique Delft blue tile with an angel playing a violin. - Earthenware

Antique Delft blue tile with an angel playing a violin. A few chips filled in, a few baking errors at the bottom. No restorations. Beautiful shine. 12.9 x 12.9 x 0.9 cm.


Antique tile with bird. - Earthenware

Antique tile with bird. Small corner lower right restored. 13x13x1.2cm.


Antique Delft blue tile with rider. - Earthenware

Antique Delft blue tile with rider. Top quality. No restorations. Beautiful shine. 12.8 x 12.8 x 1 cm.


4 antique tiles with coachmen and harbor views. - Earthenware

4 antique tiles with coachmen and harbor views. Manganese colored. See photos for quality. No restorations. Average 13 x 13 x 0.7 cm.


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