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Christ, Cross - Realist - Iron (wrought), Resin, Wood - Late 19th century

Original reproduction of the Church of Christ of Mercy, the Calvary of Jesus. It is a crucified Christ that adorned a Catalan Church. A beautiful work with great realism and masterful execution.


Mirror - Napoleon III - Blackened and gilded, Wood - about 1900

Beautiful, gold-plated, oval Napoleon III mirror with beautifully decorated frame. Lot will be packaged with care and sent by registered mail. Photos complete this description.


Portrait miniature (1) - Oil on cardboard - 19th century

French miniature, with box. Measurements including frame 4.7 ×3 cm. The frame features small diamonds. Oil painting on cardboard. The frame could be silver, I prefer not to clean it so as not to remove the original patina.


Virgin cap i pota (1) - Wood - 20th century

Old Virgin cap and pot carved and polychrome in oil. Everything is carved from wood, head, hands, body and basket. These types of Virgins are highly sought after as they come from popular crafts. Measures high: 47.5 cm. wide at the base of the basket: 16 cm. It is articulated for


small round folding table - Renaissance Style - Walnut - Late 19th century

small round Louis XIII style folding table in walnut with two swivel legs that can support the flaps, beautiful sculpture patterns on the main top, also a drawer. Colissimo France shipments.


Sculpture (1) - Wood - 19th century

Angel relief sculpted in one piece. Painted in vintage white. It was part of the coffered ceiling of a private chapel. Important piece. Some small fault. Unrestored


Crucifix - Wood - 19th century

Precise Christ carved in polychrome wood, 19th century, ideal for a desk.


Side chair (2) - bronze,brass - First half 20th century

Beautiful chairs in good condition, modified upholstery


Sculpture, 2 blacksmiths (52 cm.) (2) - Spelter - Circa 1900

Beautiful golden slander sculptures of 2 blacksmiths, 52 cm high, the only thing missing is the wooden bases, they have opened a little. See images


Crucifix (1) - iron - First half 20th century

Cross in very good condition


Antique relief - Wood - 20th century

Antique wooden, polychrome painted relief. Christ, Joseph and Mary, and the heads of the Ox and the Donkey. The polychrome painting with authentic patina. Origin: Spain, 20th century. Condition: in good, original condition. Dimensions: 35 x 19 x 6 cm. Weight: 1834 grams.


Reduced model of a door of the Alhambra - Plaster - Late 19th century

Painting by the Granada artist Diego Fernández Castro (1847-1920) made on plaster and wood. It has a small white mark that has lifted the paint a little. . Model of Puerta de Granada viewpoint. The technique used is polychrome and gilded plaster, wood. Preserving its old dirso


Dish (1) - .925 silver - Second half 20th century

Beautiful silver church shell for baptisms or for a collection of 20th century princes. 55x50mm. 10.3 g weight approx. No reserve price


Saint, Sculpture (1) - Wood - Early 20th century

Beautiful polychrome wood carving, with original polychrome. The sculpture shows signs of wear and passage of time as shown in the photos. No reserve price.


Christ, Crucifix (1) - Wood - Early 19th century

Beautiful carving with Romanesque inspiration, good size and finely carved in wood as shown in the photos. Beautiful polychrome. Collectible, artistic piece. No reserve price.


cassock and stoles stole priest church liturgy ancient religious church 19th century ritual monk (1) - Abstract - cloth and silk - Early 20th century

Beautiful collector's knack and stole from the late early 20th century with beautiful work, the priest wore as part of his ritual clothing for masses. Handmade. collector's piece. Stole: 2m long. Cassock: 175 cm long. No reserve price


Relief - Wood - 18th century

Beautiful relief of Saint Anthony of Padua. Made of carved, polychrome and gilded wood. Belonging to an altarpiece of a baroque church. It represents one of the miracles of Saint Anthony. (Antonio de Padua, also known as Saint Anthony of Lisbon (Lisbon, Kingdom of Portugal,


Knocker- with zoomorphic figure - Iron (wrought) - Mid 17th century

Nice door knocker from the 17th century. With a shield, in the shape of a star, from which a ring comes out, from which hangs a beautiful knocker, in the shape of a horse. It is mounted on an old walnut wood panel, it does not have a nail where the knocker hits, as seen in the


Sculpture, Paar Antieke Terracotta Muur Consoles / Boeksteunen, circa 1900 (2) - 19 cm - Terracotta

Pair of Antique Terracotta Wall Consoles – Bookends. 2 Very beautiful and very rare antique wall consoles of a bearded man and a woman with a headscarf made in terracotta. We date them around 1900, possibly earlier. The consoles can also be used as bookends and measure 19x11cm


Taller de Fernando Soto González, - Fabrica de José Mensaque, Sevilla, España - Tile (5) - fired and glazed clay tiles

5 panels of Sevillian tilework from the 19th century, each composed of 108 quadrangular tiles (trapa technique) and enamelled garland elements. 2.46 m x 0.84 each panel. For decorative or architectural use. They come from the upper gallery of the Patio de la Virgen of the old


Mortar - Bronze - 16th century

Very beautiful and heavy 16th or 17th century bronze mortar with accompanying pestle. Mortar is in nice used condition. It has acquired a very beautiful patina due to frequent use over the centuries. Mortar has 4 ribs and a very beautiful decoration with a floral pattern.


Casket, Jewellery box, Powder case - Napoleon III - Brass, Glass - 19th century

Very beautiful and rare courtesy box, Napoleon III period. Medallion on the lid resembles a faded portrait. Inside, there is a beveled vanity mirror. The straps are either brass or gilded bronze. In good general condition* Look carefully at the photos, they are an integral part


Jewellery box (2) - Brass, Wood (Ebony), Wood (Walnut)

1. Napoleon III period glove box in burl walnut. Domed lid decorated with a cartridge with brass and ebony inlays. Interior padded with red silk moire (wear and tear) Dimensions: Length 31.5 cm / width 10.5 cm Height 7.7 cm. weight: 600g. 2. Mahogany glove box? and 19th century


Hand fan - for half mourning (1) - Napoleon III - Wood, Silk crepe, Lace - ca 1890

An extraordinary mourning fan, or half 1890. Usually mourning fans were just black wood and black silk or cotton. Half mourning fans were for after the period of the full mourning and usually in greys, white and black. For a full mourning fan this one is too opulent


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