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Petrus Regout - Cache Pot (2) - Earthenware

Two beautiful flower pots with bottom bowl from Petrus Regout. Two different sizes. No cracks or breaks. There is a small chip at the top of the large pot. Look at the photos for sizes and details. Can be picked up or shipped.


Masonic Memento Mori Skull & Winged Vanitas Cartouche (1) - Gothic Style - Reconstructed Stone - 21st century

This sculpture embodies the theme "Memento Mori,” a Latin phrase that translates to "Remember that you will die" or "Remember death." It is a reminder that death is a natural and inevitable part of life. This sculpture is of significant size and weight, and it is made of a


terracotta (1) - Earthenware

Delicious albarello Naples 18th century


Sculpture, De sterrenkijker - 52 cm - Patinated bronze

Very beautiful modern and abstract sculpture of a seated woman looking at the stars. Bronze sculpture 'The stargazer'. The dimensions of this modern work of art are as follows: Height: 52 cm / 20.8 inches. Width: 15 cm / 6 inches. All our products are well packaged and shipped


Figurine (2) - Patinated bronze - recent

Beautiful couple of Thai temple guards - Thepphanom. The dimensions per bronze sculpture are as follows (+/-): Height: 32 cm. Width: 12 cm. All our products are well packaged and shipped with insurance.


Figurine (2) - Chicken and rooster - Patinated bronze - recent

Very beautiful set of chickens. Rooster and chicken. Bronze rooster and bronze chicken. Beautiful for the garden or at home. Beautiful in detail and quality. The dimensions of the rooster are as follows: Height: 28 cm / 11.2 inches. Width: 24 cm. All our products will be


Statuette, Fairy with flute - 62 cm - Bronze

Beautiful bronze fairy with a flute. Bronze garden sculpture. Angel for in the garden or at the pond. Very decorative bronze sculpture with the following dimensions (+/-): Height: 62cm / 24.8" Width: 38cm / 15.2" All our products are well packaged and shipped with insurance.


Sculpture, Girl with book - 33 cm - Bronze

This is a very beautiful bronze sculpture of a sitting girl reading a book. Most decorative item. Beautiful for the garden, but can also be placed inside. The dimensions are as follows: Height: 33 cm / 13.2 inches. Width: 25 cm / 10 inches. All our products will be very well


Statue of Saint Michael the Archangel and devil - Earthenware, Textiles, Wood, metal - End of the 19th century

Statue of Saint Michael the Archangel defeating the devil, made in Neapolitan workshops at the end of the 19th century according to the popular style. The limbs and head in terracotta, with glass eyes, covered with various fabrics, the wings, shield, sword and bust in silvered


Statue, Coppia di Leoni Canova: dormiente e vegliante - 32 cm - Cast Stone

Pair of lions in marble dust, copy of those made by Canova for the monument to Pope Clement XIII between 1783 and 1792, also known as the "sleeper" and the "waker". Signs of wear visible in the photos. Two wild beasts, allegorical figures symbolizing strength, Measurements cm. 32


Heraldic coat of arms - Marble - Late 19th century

Splendid heraldic coat of arms in Carrara marble completely sculpted with cupids and caryatids. End of the 19th century period. Measures. cm.60x49x8 cm. Weight 45kg


Antique XIX large bronze door handle - Lion's head - Bronze (patinated) - circa 1900

Beautiful antique large bronze door handle - Lion's head. Of very good quality with a beautiful deep brown patina and a total height of approximately 20 cm.


Vase - Marble

Antique heavy marble vase, urn handmade in Italy. very good condition, with small signs of aging due to age and small chips on the base and on the opening, however you can see the general conditions from the detailed photos included which are an integral part of the announcement.


Vase Pair, Johann Maresch (1821 - 1914) (2) - Earthenware - Early 20th century

Rare pair of vases by Johann Maresch, Austria, August Otto. Rare pair of vases with shepherd boys by Johann Maresch, both marked (see photo). Manufacture and polychrome decoration in the Art Nouveau style typical of Johann Maresch (JM) Austria and his chief decorator August Otto.


Figurine - Iron (cast)

Cast iron abstract lady with rust patina that evolves with the seasons. Yoga . Very beautiful for both indoors and outdoors. The dimensions are as follows (+/-): Height: 24 cm. Width: 19 cm. All our products are well packaged and shipped with insurance. Fat lady / Abstract art


Marguerite Monot (1897-1957) - Sculpture, Portrait of a German shepherd - 42 cm (1) - Earthenware - First half 20th century

MARGUERITE MONOT (1897-1957) POTTERY PORTRAIT OF GERMAN SHEPHERD, 1920s. . Gorgeous terracotta depicting the portrait of a German shepherd. Made in the 1920s by the French artist Marguerite Monot. She was a pupil of Louis Prost (1876-1935) at the École des Beaux-Arts in Lyon. She


Caltagirone - Sculpture, Polifemo - 25 cm - Ceramic

Wall mask in Caltagirone ceramic, valuable sculpture combined with a splendid shade of enamel. Fair condition, see photos. Tracked shipping entrusted to industry experts, better packaging on Catawiki, see reviews.


Shelving unit - Iron (wrought)

Beautiful wrought iron etagere, coming from the garden of an ancient Genoese villa. Super offer not to be missed.


Sculpture, Antichi Cactus in Ferro Battuto - 161 cm - Iron (wrought)

Explore the timeless charm of a bygone era with our collection of "Antique Wrought Iron Cacti" dating back to the 1900s. These extraordinary artefacts, the result of craftsmanship and timeless design, represent a tangible testimony of elegance and creativity of a bygone era.


Set of 7 shaped pieces. Franco-English iron ground rue Turbigo 78 Paris - Earthenware

Very beautiful set of 7 shaped pieces dating from the 1900s including: - 1 large tureen with lid, diameter 30 cm, height 20 cm. - 1 pair of mounted plates, diameter 24 cm, height 4 cm. - 1 large bowl on foot, diameter 27 cm, height 16 cm. - 2 bowls on foot, diameter 23.5 cm,


Bust, David naar Michelangelo - 45 cm - concrete

Beautiful concrete stone bust of I think David Michelangelo in perfect condition, weight 34 kilos, estimated origin, Europe, estimated period 20th century, see photos for details and dimensions, will be neatly packaged and shipped insured. Packaging material is included in higher


Relief, Magistrale pala d'altare in marmo - San Michele arcangelo e lucifero - 80 cm - Marble

Exceptional altarpiece in Nembro marble depicting Saint Michael the Archangel and Lucifer, worked and sculpted by hand. The work comes from a private collection in the city of Venice, it was paired with another work depicting Saint George, also available. The work captures the


Tankard, 18th century coin (1) - Restauration - Earthenware, Silver

Exceptional earthenware tankard decorated with flowers in reserves, with pewter mount and lid. French work in the style of Nevers, with a lid encasing an 18th century coin, 3 cm in diameter. Profile of King Louis XV (1715-1774), engraved Lud XV Rex Chrisianiss. The earthenware


Figure (1) - Earthenware, Glass - Early 19th century

Ancient Statue of Sacred Art, Early 19th Century. Made in Terracotta, depicting Sant'Anna, of great beauty. It has many details (see photos) with glass eyes. In good overall condition, with signs of wear, but which do not affect its beauty, shape and integrity. Please look at


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