Italia - Guardia Costera - Atributos personales, Casco, Equipo, Uniforme

Italia - Guardia Costera - Atributos personales, Casco, Equipo, Uniforme
Original - En buen estado

M33 Italian military helmet of the navy, Xª Flottiglia MAS, from the Second World War
Worn and damaged helmet with visible signs of age and war
Manufactured in: Italy.
Period: mid 20th century (WWII)
Material: steel composed of manganese, nickel and carbon
Size: Front diameter at visor front 26.5 - Lateral diameter at ears 23 cm - Height: internal 18 cm.
Condition: visible signs of being worn during World War II.
Restored liner and chinstrap!

The M33 (where M stands for Model and 33 stands for the year of adoption, 1933) was the helmet of the Italian army from the late mid-1930s to the early 1990s. It was created in 1933 and based on the previous M31 model from 1931. Some believe that the M33 was designed by the Hungarian engineer Nicolas Leszl, director of “Smalteria e Metallurgica Veneta” in Bassano del Grappa (from 1925 to 1952), who revised the M31 model designed by the engineer Guido Rosso of the Turin arsenal. According to others, the design of the M33 model was made by the engineer Guido Rosso, who already created model 31. However, it is still possible that the two engineers worked together to create model 33. Simple, compact and providing effective protection since the beginning, it was supplied to the Italian army until the early 1990s. It was then replaced by Kevlar helmets. The amount of M33 helmets left for the new army in the postwar period was probably very high, if they decided to keep using them. In fact, we must remember that, during the cold war that followed the postwar period, the M33 helmet vaguely resembled the Soviet helmet (which had a similar shape, although larger and with more convex sides). It would have been appropriate to replace it with an American-looking helmet, as many other countries of Western Europe did. The M33 inspired the helmets of other countries, especially Bulgaria that nearly copied it, Poland (that copied only the internal structure) or Czechoslovakia for the internal structure of its M53. Other countries drew inspiration from the M33 for some details. The steel used for the pressing of this helmet was composed of manganese, nickel and carbon. It is a “hard” magnetic steel. It was an excellent combat helmet, effective and strong, unlike the previous model no. 16 that it replaced. Indeed, model 16 had no ballistic qualities and its quality was lower than the already poor Adrian model from France. Model 16, however, was still used in some second line departments (for example coastal defences).

Beautiful for militaria enthusiasts!

Extra-large packaging, insured shipping via UPS.
Delivery time 3/5 days (barring delays due to Covid19).

Detalles del lote
Atributos personales, Casco, Equipo, Uniforme
País de origen
Unidad del ejército
Guardia Costera
Original / réplica
En buen estado
Talla (Ropa/Carcasa de casco)
EU 36.5
18×23×27 cm
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