Meteoritos MARS (NWA 6963 y NWA 7397) Acondrita planetaria - 0.116 g - (2)

Meteoritos MARS (NWA 6963 y NWA 7397) Acondrita planetaria - 0.116 g - (2)

Here is a nice collection of 2 different meteorites from Mars :

- NWA 6963 (Morocco) : 0.092g part slice with crust !
Microprobe examination of a polished epoxy mount shows 60% pyroxene, 35% maskelynite, 2% ulvöspinel, 2% melt pockets with silica, minor merrillite, trace chlorapatite and pyrrhotite. Pyroxenes show core-to-rim zonation. Pyroxene grains 200 μm to >1 mm, maskelynite domains 50 μm to >1 mm.

- NWA 7397 (Morocco) : 0.024g fragment.
Large oikocrysts (up to 1.5 cm across) of low-Ca pyroxene enclose multiple chadacrysts of olivine and Cr-rich chromite. Relatively equigranular domains between oikocrysts are composed of low-Ca and high-Ca pyroxene (showing very limited compositional zoning), maskleynite and olivine with accessory merrillite, Ti-chromite, pyrrhotite and ilmenite (with associated grains of baddeleyite up to 10 μm across). Olivine contains sparse melt inclusions composed of K-Na-Al-Si-rich glass surrounded by characteristic post-shock radial expansion microfractures.

You can find more information about each meteorite (petrography, place of find, ...) on the Meteoritical Bulletin website and on the labels which will be sent to you.

These meteorites are classified and all are shergottites (a class of martian meteorites).

Each meteorite is sold in a collection box with a separate label / signed certificate of authenticity.

Detalles del lote
Número de artículos
Mineral principal / Nombre del meteorito
Meteoritos MARS (NWA 6963 y NWA 7397)
Forma mineral / Tipos de meteoritos
Acondrita planetaria
¡uno de esos tiene corteza!
0.116 g
Origen (país)
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