HaH 346 Ghadamis Caída histórica de Libia 26 agosto 2018 - 62×59×36 mm - 420 g - (1)

HaH 346 Ghadamis Caída histórica de Libia 26 agosto 2018 - 62×59×36 mm - 420 g - (1)
Ghadamis, Libia

Petrography: (A. Greshake, MNB; L. Garvie, ASU) The meteorite displays a recrystallized texture predominantly composed of compositionally equilibrated olivine and low-Ca pyroxene grains in some regions showing 120-degree triple junctions. Few flattened and delineated PO, BO (to 1 mm), and relict PP chondrules are present. Matrix contains plagioclase, chromite, merrillite, troilite, taenite, and kamacite. The plagioclase grain size is about 60 µm. Shock melt veins are rare, but pockets are locally present. Fe-Ni metal and troilite uniformly distributed across the polished section. Largest Fe-Ni grain ~1 mm across. Most kamacite grains are polycrystalline and contains finely dispersed sub-micron-sized troilite. Some show a complex metal-sulfide eutectic intergrowth. A few larger kamacite grains show a frosty etch and weakly developed Neumann bands. Troilite, to 0.5 mm across, is highly shocked, polycrystalline, and has a dusty appearance. Cu metal was searched for but not found.

Geochemistry: (A. Greshake, MNB) olivine: Fa23.8±0.3 (Fa23.1-24.2, n=12), low-Ca-pyroxene: Fs20.2±0.3Wo1.6±0.2 (Fs19.7-20.9Wo1.2-2.0, n=12), feldspar: An11.2±0.7Ab84.4±1.1Or4.4±0.6 (An10.7-12.4Ab82.8-85.4Or3.7-5.3, n=4)

Classification: Ordinary chondrite L6, S5, W0

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Detalles del lote
Número de artículos
Mineral principal / Nombre del meteorito
HaH 346 Ghadamis Caída histórica de Libia
Forma mineral / Tipos de meteoritos
26 agosto 2018
62×59×36 mm
420 g
Origen (región / ciudad)
Origen (país)
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