Carlo Lodoli / (Andrea Memmo) - Apologhi immaginati - 1787

Carlo Lodoli / (Andrea Memmo) - Apologhi immaginati - 1787
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Title: Apologhi immaginati, e sol estemporaneamente in voce esposti agli amici suoi dal fu fra Carlo de’ conti Lodoli.

Author: Carlo Lodoli / (Andrea Memmo).

Publisher: (Remondini), Bassano.
Edition: 1787.
Engraver: Pietro Marco Vitali.
Engraving: portrait of Carlo Lodoli in the frontispiece.
Paper type: heavy laid paper.
Pages: 91.
Binding: hardcover.
Dimensions: 30.3 x 21 cm.

Conformity: complete work conforming to the digitised edition referred to ‘The Getty Research Institute’ (Open Library)

Condition: Nearly in very good condition with slight uniform browning on the inside of the back page of the frontispiece and a minor, marginal blemish on the blank right corner of the fifth page only, as well as minor, occasional foxing at the blank edge of some pages (as shown in photos).

Uncommon work, in 1st edition, edited and printed by Andrea Memmo, a renowned Italian scholar, politician, diplomat, knight of the Stola d’Oro and patrician of the Republic of Venice.

Given its success in Venetian aristocratic circles, the first edition of the work was printed in a small number of copies and was widely reprinted the same year in an edition with a reduced number of pages, down from 91 in the first edition to 76 in the second edition.

The work, published on the occasion of the celebrations for the appointment of Andrea Memmo as Procurator of St. Mark, is the first publication in honour and memory of Carlo Lodoli by his students.

Andrea Memmo, at his own expense, was the first to publish the two fundamental texts by Lodoli, known today. The first is Lodoli’s Treatise on Architecture from 1786, while the other one is the work presented here from 1787, which outlines the memory of his pupils through Lodoli’s stories. These two publications by Memmo complement each other by offering an insight into the life of Lodoli, as an architect and friend.

The work contains stories and anecdotes that Carlo Lodoli shared with his pupils and closest friends.

The importance of the work lies in the ability to crystallise the convivial narration of Carlo Lodoli’s thought reserved for the people closest to him.

Carlo Lodoli is called the ‘Socrates of architecture’ because all his writings have been lost and his theories are only known through what his students and other authors have reported.

Carlo Lodoli (1690-1761), a brilliant figure in 18th-century Venice, is considered one of the greatest architectural theorists of the 18th century.

Lodoli’s theories, before being defined by Memmo, were taken up by many intellectuals of the time. They influenced notably the works of Francesco Algarotti and Francesco Milizia, but foreign authors also drew on them.

In architecture, his work anticipated the modern concept of functionalism.

Lodoli was a professor of theology and tutor to many of his country’s young noblemen, as well as being interested in painting and architecture, both practically and theoretically, but, as mentioned, he refused to publish any works. Without Memmo, his knowledge would therefore have been irreparably lost. A forerunner of many modern concepts, Lodoli argued for the importance of material in style and emphasised the functional value of the building, which must immediately be apparent from its ‘representation’. By rejecting excessively ornamental facades, he therefore opposed the Baroque aesthetics.

Lodoli was the first to put beauty and style on the same level as the ultimate purpose of a building or object. In contrast to the opulent furniture of his time, for example, he emphasised the importance of the anatomical functionality of chairs, which must adapt their shape to the human body. For him, the beauty of an object stems from the perfect functionality of all its components, making it the best possible model of its kind.

Detalles del lote
Número de libros
Arquitectura, Biografía, Ediciones conmemorativas
Autor/ Ilustrador
Carlo Lodoli / (Andrea Memmo)
Título del libro
Apologhi immaginati
Muy bueno
Año de publicación artículo más antiguo
Primera edición
Lengua original
(Remondini), Bassano
Libro de tapa dura
Otros - ver descripción
Número de páginas
30.3×21 cm
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