Cráneo de Hyaena temprano - - - Adcrocuta

Cráneo de Hyaena temprano - - - Adcrocuta
NEÓGENO - Mioceno (5,33 - 23.03 millones de años) - Asia

Very large hyena skull, like lion. The whole head is about 28 cm. The fossil soil is almost emptied. It's hard to find such a complete skull. Will use very good packaging materials for packaging.

The first bone-cracking hyena, Adcrocuta eximia, does not appear in the fossil record until the late Miocene. The skull of Adcrocuta bears a remarkably close resemblance to that of modern spotted, brown and striped hyenas. However, Adcrocuta had a very stocky build, with short, robust limbs, and it showed none of the cursorial adaptations seen in the extant bone-cracking hyenas (Werdelin & Solounias 1996), This species appears to have been highly successful as its fossil remains are found all over Eurasia and northern Africa (Werdelin & Solounias 1991). The appearance of Adcrocuta was followed by the second great hyena radiation, involving the appearance of several other hyaenid genera that were morphologically specialized for bone-cracking, including the lion-sized Pachycrocuta brevirostris. Weighing roughly 150 kg, Pacyhcrocuta was the largest hyaenid ever known. Because its muzzle was shorter than those in other hyenas, this species became commonly known as the 'short-faced hyena.'

Detalles del lote
Cráneo de Hyaena temprano
Nombre científico
Periodo geológico
NEÓGENO - Mioceno (5,33 - 23.03 millones de años)
1.5 kg
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