Talismán protector, placa votiva - Bhumisparsa Mudra - Metal adornado - Buda bajo el árbol bodhi tomando la tierra como testigo - Tailandia - 1950-1970

Talismán protector, placa votiva - Bhumisparsa Mudra - Metal adornado - Buda bajo el árbol bodhi tomando la tierra como testigo - Tailandia - 1950-1970
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Talisman of Protection, Votive Plate
Buddha in the lotus position, under the Bodhi tree, calling the Earth as witness.

Discovered in a monastery in northern Thailand.
Crafted in metal. Representation in relief.
Condition: good. Traces of wear.
Total weight: 41.66 grams.
Dimensions: 46 x 10 x 31 mm.
Thai Talismans are considered as magical charms.
Most have been blessed and activated in the Temple or Monastery of its creator.

The lotus position with joining hands is the classic posture of meditation.
The hands are sometimes represented with touching thumbs, forming a mystical triangle. This gesture, symbol of wisdom, was performed by Buddha in his final meditation, when he reached enlightenment.

The gesture of taking the Earth as witness:
Sitting in a meditative posture, Buddha comes out of his meditation and moves his right arm towards his knee, to touch the earth with the tip of his fingers. This gesture recalls a precise moment, when Shakyâmuni was challenged by Mâra, the lord of death and desire, just before reaching Awakening. Fearing of seeing his power undermined, the latter dispatched his formidable armies and voluptuous daughters to the recluse in meditation. These assaults remained in vain, Mâra asked the meditator to provide proof of his past merits. Neither frightened nor moved, he calmly touched the ground with his right hand and asked Sthâvarâ (or Prithvî), the earth goddess, to witness of the meritorious acts accumulated, and the gifts lavished for the benefit of all living beings. The goddess testified, thus, sealing the defeat of Mâra.
“As soon as this great Earth was touched by the Bodhisattva, it trembled in six ways: trembled, trembled strongly on all sides; resounded, resounded strongly on all sides (...) The great Earth goddess, named Sthâvarâ, appeared with a body decorated with all her ornaments, the body inclined, the hands joined, she said: he is indeed a Great man, as you declared yourself! Here we are to prove it. Moreover, Blessed, you have become the supreme witness of the world, which also includes the gods”.

In Buddhism, the Bodhi tree is an important tree, since it was under this tree, located in Bodhgaya, the ficus religiosa, that Buddha reached awakening (or enlightenment), a state named bodhi. This tree is the object of great veneration among Buddhists, and crowds of pilgrims come to see it and pray in front of it throughout the year.

Bodhisattva is a Sanskrit term. In Hinayana Buddhism, it refers to a Buddha before he has reached awakening.
Mahayana Buddhism refers to the one who made the vow of following the path shown by Shakyamuni Buddha, who has taken refuge from the three jewels (Buddha, Dharma and Sangha) and strictly respects the disciplines intended for the Bodhisattvas, to first help other sentient beings to awaken, while delaying his own liberation out of compassion.

The pictures were taken in daylight.
Registered shipment with insurance and track & trace.

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Talismán protector, placa votiva - Bhumisparsa Mudra
Metal adornado - Buda bajo el árbol bodhi tomando la tierra como testigo
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46×10×31 mm
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