Burano-päiväpeite - 275 x 228 cm - Pellava - 1900-luvun alkupuoli

Burano-päiväpeite - 275 x 228 cm - Pellava - 1900-luvun alkupuoli

Fine double bedspread in pure linen with cutwork and Burano lace. Handmade.
Full of bunches of grapes in satin stitch. Ecru colour.
The bedspread comes from a private collection and dates back to the early 1900s, when, on the occasion of the wedding of wealthy young women, it was customary to prepare rigorously hand-made bridal trousseau. Some very slight signs of the preparatory drawing for the embroidery are still visible.
Beware of commercial / imitation products, they have nothing to do with a handcrafted masterpiece of this calibre.
The bedspread was stored in the trunk and used only on special holidays to decorate the bedroom.
The bedspread has been sanitized with a UV germicidal lamp, as shown in some photos.
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Burano-päiväpeite - 275 x 228 cm
Arvioitu ajanjakso
1900-luvun alkupuoli
Hyvässä kunnossa - käytetty, joitakin ikääntymisen merkit
275×228×0 cm
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