Araucaria Käpyjä - 47×29×34 cm - 150 kg - (1)

Araucaria Käpyjä - 47×29×34 cm - 150 kg - (1)
Mojunga, Madagaskar

Description according to the picture.

This cone has a meaning in religions, as well as in the spiritual world.

About the tree:

The araucaria is an extremely resistant
tree Extreme differences in temperature,
hurricane-like winds, significant amounts of snow and volcanic eruptions have to be survived by the Araucaria. The triangular needles, which grow directly from the branches and cover the trunk at a young age, also contribute to their resistance.
The already rare Araucaria offers a habitat for a number of endangered animal species, including the puma, the Chilean pigeon and the slender-billed parakeet, which provide for the spread of the seeds. Their special appearance only comes with a certain age. At a young age, the Araucaria, like most conifers, has a cone-like shape. From an age of
approx. 100 years, the tree starts to shed the lower branches and retains only the characteristic crown.

Can be picked up or shipped by a supplier at the expense of the buyer.
Shipping costs estimated.

No liability for the above mentioned healing and spiritual properties.

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47×29×34 cm
150 kg
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