Collin de Plancy - Dictionnaire infernal, ou répertoire des êtres, des personnages, Magie Cabale - 1863

Collin de Plancy - Dictionnaire infernal, ou répertoire des êtres, des personnages, Magie Cabale - 1863
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Sixth and final edition of the famous Dictionnaire infernal by Collin de Plancy expanded with 800 new articles illustrated with 550 engravings, among which are the portraits of 72 demons illustrated by M.L. Breton, based on the formal documents.

The dictionary was first published in 1818, and had six versions published during the author’s lifetime.

The 1863 edition is “both the most complete in terms of information and scholarship and the most ideologically marked, obeying the dogma and orientations of the French Church during the Second Empire. The darkness enclosed in this summary is still there; under the incense of pious thoughts forever lasts the smell of “dry sulphur” of the devilish aroma.

Author: Collin de Plancy (Jacques-Auguste-Simon).‎

Title: Dictionnaire infernal, ou répertoire universel des êtres, des personnages, des livres, des faits et des choses qui tiennent aux apparitions, aux divinations, à la magie, au commerce de l'enfer, aux démons, aux sorciers, aux sciences occultes, aux grimoires, à la Cabale, aux esprits élémentaires, au grand uvre, aux prodiges, aux erreurs et aux préjugés, aux impostures, aux arts des bohémiens, aux superstitions diverses, aux contes populaires, aux pronostics, et généralement à toutes les fausses croyances, merveilleuses, surprenantes, mystérieuses ou surnaturelles. Sixième édition, augmentée de 800 articles nouveaux et illustrée de 550 gravures, parmi lesquelles les portraits de 72 démons dessinés par M. L. Breton, d'après les documents formels.

Place: publisher, date: Paris, Henri Plon, 1863.

Collation: 723pp. Complete.

Format: Quarto (17.5 x 26.5 cm)

Binding: Modern full red morocco binding, smooth spine, headcap and corners of the boards adorned with lovely romantic tooling. Very fresh and clean inside, despite some signs of handling on the edges of the first and last sheets, copy in very good condition.

Bibliography: This book reproduces the
strangest aspects of the evolution of the human mind; it presents everything related to spirits,
elves, fairies, genies, demons, spectres and ghosts, sorcerers and their evils, the prestige
of charmers, the nomenclature and functions of demons and magicians,
superstitious traditions, accounts of supernatural events, popular stories. It opens the hundred
fantastic doors of the future, with its clear definition of divinations, from the chiromancia of the
Bohemians to the art of reading coffee grounds or cards. Astrology,
alchemy, cabal, phrenology, magnetism, spiritualism, have their place in the notes
that sum up the long and heavy folio. Jacques-Albin-Simon de Plancy spent his life
enriching his major work with all of the work of scholars and folklorists devoted to
demonic investigations.

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Collin de Plancy
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Dictionnaire infernal, ou répertoire des êtres, des personnages, Magie Cabale
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