Tiibetiläinen kuuden hahmon Daming Mantra // Mandalas / OM

Tiibetiläinen kuuden hahmon Daming Mantra // Mandalas / OM
Himalaja - 2010 - Puuvillakangas, mineraali- ja luonnonvärit

Tibetan Six-character Daming Mantra//Mandalas /OM-Thangka Hand-painted Feng Shui

This mandala painting is painted gold on black cotton canvas.

Handpainted on Cotton canvas with Natural Colors.

Size : 55X56 cm.

The working time for each painting is between one month and one and a half years, depending on the details.

For Oriental Tradition, Mandalas are artwork shape, circularity, great Knowledge, meditation, ether, spirit and matter. They radiate beauty and harmony. They contain in themselves meaning and intention, which give rise to power, attraction and fascination. They are used both as a means to knowledge and as an attractive and therapeutic means, leading the observer to a state of mental and pre-meditative relaxation. They are imbued with symbols, meanings and intent by the artist, so they release these kind of qualities, and act in the environment surrounding them. For these reasons, they are also, an incredible objects to use in Feng Shui.
Usage: Meditation , Feng Shui , Yoga , Good Auspicious, Positive Energy, Collectibles.

ThIs Mandala consist of a Mantra cyclicality and the support of the Yantra.
The YANTRA is a base that symbolizes the existing material reality, and supports the internal symbol, from which the Mandala takes the main meaning.
Mantra cyclicality is a spiritual and etheric base, and supports the symbol in the center.
The concept of this base also means High and Clean Energy.\

The HUM symbol in the center, gives meaning to the Mandala.
It represents the final state of unity realization, between primordial wisdom and compassion.
It exhorts the understanding, awareness and good closing of the cycles.

The inscriptions inside Mandala are a mantra in Tibetan languageThe written prayer is pronounced: "Om-mani-padme-hum" and the meaning attributed is universal love and compassion, which represent the foundations of Buddhism.

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Tiibetiläinen kuuden hahmon Daming Mantra // Mandalas / OM
Puuvillakangas, mineraali- ja luonnonvärit
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