Tiili (2) - Terrakotta - Pair de Briques dignitaire - Kiina - Northern Song (960-1127)

Tiili (2) - Terrakotta - Pair de Briques dignitaire - Kiina - Northern Song (960-1127)
Good condition, see description - 44.5×13×20 cm

CHINA - SONG PERIOD (960-1279)

Terracotta brick with traces of green polychromy featuring a walking official holding a bowl in his right hand and a fan in his left.
During the Song period, in Northern China, the dry and harsh climate required buildings to be made of bricks, which were more resistant to the ravages of time than wood.

This did not mean that any decorative ideas were abandoned: some of the bricks were carved to decorate the houses.

Their design was varied, with plant motifs as well as human figures: leafy swirls, musicians, dancers and children broke the architectural austerity.

The same attention was paid to the final resting places of the living, in order to pay tribute to the dead.

Dimensions including the stand:

44.5 x 13 x 20
45 x 13 x 20

Dimensions without the stand:

36 x 7 x 17.5
36.5 x 7.5 x 18


10th century - Circa 950


Family collection from Belgium, purchased before 1976.

Art market.

Similar bricks in the Compendium of Collections in the Palace Museum. Sculpture. 5. Stone and Brick Carvings, 2009, no. 165 to 171.

Part of a set of 13 bricks that was selected for the expert committee, displayed in room 9 in December 2016.
Sold on 13 December 2016 in room 15 by AuctionArt Rémy Le Fur & Associés.
Approved by the appraisal firm Portier & Associés.

Scientific analysis.

This piece did not require any testing because one brick of the set was already tested by Oxford, and the expert committee as well as the Portier consultancy firm approved all 13 pieces.


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Esineiden lukumäärä
Northern Song (960-1127)
Title of artwork
Pair de Briques dignitaire
Good condition, see description
44.5×13×20 cm
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