His Masters Voice - 101 F De Luxe Dark Blue - 78 rpm gramofoni

His Masters Voice - 101 F De Luxe Dark Blue - 78 rpm gramofoni
Erittäin hyvä - Esineiden lukumäärä: 1 - Sisältää: 78 rpm gramofoni - Original user manual, Muut extrat (katso kuvaus)

Very scarce, superb and beautiful gramophone His Master´s Voice model 101 De Luxe type F from 1928 in dark blue. Very good condition. Engine completely revised. Working perfect. The speed has been adjusted to 78rmp with the speed adjuster by HMV (not included).
Soundbox HMV 4 (the correct one), giving one incredible excellent tone and sound.
Suitcase in nice condition. Speed adjuster in working order.
Powered by a reliable No 59B motor, the correct one for the type F.
Only 1252 until 1931 were manufactured. The serial number is 117558. Considering that 117 are the numbers corresponding to the model and color, the gramophone is 558 of the dark blue ones that were manufactured.
Includes a reproduction of the original instructions.
You can see it working in https://youtu.be/lvf_1pMzNPM
Includes a tin with some needles and two records as a present .
It´s sends perfectly packaged and protected and with tracking number. You must inspect the package before take it. Never accept packages with important damages in order to claim any damage to the postal service.

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His Masters Voice
101 F De Luxe Dark Blue
Multiple Models
78 rpm gramofoni
Erittäin hyvä
Muut extrat (katso kuvaus), Original user manual
7.2 kg
Testattu ja toimiva
Tested and working/playable
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