Religion, Littérature, Médecine, Divers - Lot avec environ 300 volumes - 1669/1950

Religion, Littérature, Médecine, Divers - Lot avec environ 300 volumes - 1669/1950
Kirjallisuus, Lääketiede, Uskonto - Lukumäärä: 300 - Kirja

This lot comes from the complete stock of a bookstore specialised in antique books that closed 15 years ago.

Each lot contains a part of the books stored on the shelves. The titles of the books are visible on the shelves thanks to photos of their spines. All the books on the shelves have been dusted and have a waxed binding. Due to the extremely large number of books to deal with, we can only show a few examples of title pages and descriptions for a small selection of books. Some lots have boxes containing books whose contents cannot entirely be shown. These are generally good books dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries, in all fields of knowledge or science. The condition of each book ranges from fair to very good.

This exceptional set built up for more than 30 years is a great opportunity. Each lot contains many books that have become rare or totally impossible to find, as well as many good surprises. These books have never been offered for sale on the internet.


This lot is made up of about 100 volumes on shelves, especially on Religion.

We are including
2 shelves and 1 box with about 200 volumes, literature, medicine, miscellaneous.


IMPORTANT: no shipments for these lots, to be picked-up on site only, Montauban, France. If you want to arrange transport by a carrier, please contact the seller (the best thing is to do so during the sale).

It is possible to set up an appointment and to see the books while they are on sale, on site in Montauban, France. For additional information about this lot or to set up an appointment: contact the seller or contact our expert

[Lot 3]

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Kirjojen lukumäärä
Kirjallisuus, Lääketiede, Uskonto
Kirjailija/ Kuvittaja
Religion, Littérature, Médecine, Divers
Kirjan nimi
Lot avec environ 300 volumes
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