BANG & OLUSFEN - BeoLab 9 - Kaiutinsarja

BANG & OLUSFEN - BeoLab 9 - Kaiutinsarja
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2 BeoLab 9 speakers.

Made by: Brown speaker cloth

Ideal as active front speaker or as surround speaker, this with the size to be able to place it easily in a corner or next to a dresser.
In addition to the ability to connect it to a standard Bang & Olufsen system, this also has a line in to connect directly to a PC as a speaker.

The speakers come with corresponding B&O cabling and can be placed directly on the floor.
(2 pieces Power Link cable).
Including 2 power cords.
As can be seen, the speakers have minimal signs of wear.

The speaker set is technically entirely in order.

We are an official Bang & Olufsen dealer.
Our equipment has proved itself through the years and that is always visible, the lots that are offered here were revised as much as possible.
If you are still looking for accessories, ask us via e-mail.

Worldwide shipping is possible.
We ship in the original packaging as much as possible and these are included in the shipping costs.
When picked up, the products will be sealed and wrapped before handing it over, not in the box.

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BeoLab 9
Multiple Models
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Power cord
40 kg
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Tested and working/playable
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