Sonora - Excellence 301 Cadillac Streamline Loewy - Putkiradio

Sonora - Excellence 301 Cadillac Streamline Loewy - Putkiradio
Erittäin hyvä - Esineiden lukumäärä: 1 - Sisältää: Putkiradio - Power cord, Refurbished, Revised, Muut extrat (katso kuvaus)

Here is a beautiful Sonora model, "the Cadillac" of 1947, in Bakelite, with a design inspired by Raymond Loewy, very streamlined style.

It's the 301 model, 6E8 sensor lamp and magic eye.

This tube radio is in excellent condition, as you can see in the photos, it has been completely serviced (I'm a collector and technician), the faulty capacitors have been replaced by new ones that are installed inside the old ones, so that the electronics keep their original appearance!

The device has been pampered, the original fabric, the power cable also, and the magic eye is still green.

It works perfectly in LW, MW, SW and it is sold with a small Bluetooth module, shown in the last photo, which connects to the PU socket, allowing you to listen to your recorded music and FM radio via your smartphone (a small notice will be attached).

110 and 220 v sector; it is currently set for 220 volts.

Size: (Length x Height x Depth): 460 x 290 x 240 mm / 18.1 x 11.4 x 9.4 inches

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Excellence 301 Cadillac Streamline Loewy
Erittäin hyvä
Muut extrat (katso kuvaus), Power cord, Refurbished, Revised
11 kg
Testattu ja toimiva
Tested and working/playable
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