Moët & Chandon - Petite Liquorelle - 20cl - 4 pullojen

Moët & Chandon - Petite Liquorelle - 20cl - 4 pullojen
Likööri - 18%

Discover Moët & Chandon's best kept secret, PETITE LICUORELLE, the only sparkling liqueur in the world that was discontinued in the 90's.
We are possibly the only ones in the world who have this exclusive product made up of four individually sealed boxes with Foursquare original Moet & Chandon glass ice bucket and four bottles of Petite Liquorelle.

It is a mixture of sparkling and coveted cognacs.
The bottle is a replica of an old one created by Claude de Moët, founder of this winery, dated 1741 and which is perfect for storing this liquid.
It is an ideal liquor to accompany desserts.
This edition is very difficult to find as it is accompanied by an exclusive glass ice bucket customized by M&C.
It is a unique and unrepeatable drink that has been preserved for almost 30 years in our wonderful cellar.
An exclusive gift for the best palates.

We send the bottles by Fedex TNT and Correos.

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Moët & Chandon
Petite Liquorelle
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Intact Box
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