Claudiosaurus 16 cm pitkä - 16×15×2.5 cm

Claudiosaurus 16 cm pitkä - 16×15×2.5 cm
PERMIKAUSI (251.9 – 298.9 miljoonaa vuotta) - Madagaskar

Disarticulated Claudiosaurus (claud is Latin for ‘lameness’ and saurus means ‘lizard’) is a reptiles from the Permian Sakamena Formation, Madagascar. It had a relatively long body and neck, reaching 60 cm in length. It is presumed to have been partially oceanic, like modern Marine Iguana. It had trouble supporting its weight on land. In particular, the sternum was poorly developed, which would have made walking difficult out of water. Fossil is 16 cm long on matrix 15 x 16 cm. Disarticulated skeleton, with 70% right hand, complete right arm. 50% right leg could be seen. 5 ribs could be seen very detailed and sharp small ribs on left side. Few centimetres of tail are present. On slab are still present two parts of wood, the bigger one is 8 cm long.
The item was found broken into two pieces and re-glued. Transparent glue was put on the fossil in order to protect it because the bones are very frail.

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Claudiosaurus 16 cm pitkä
Geologinen kausi
PERMIKAUSI (251.9 – 298.9 miljoonaa vuotta)
16×15×2.5 cm
1.5 kg
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