Matrixissa - Hyphalosaurus sp. (with skin marks)

Matrixissa - Hyphalosaurus sp. (with skin marks)
LIITUKAUSI -Ylempi liitukausi, (100,5 – 145,0 miljoonaa vuotta) - Kiina

Large and complete fossils, with skin marks, and bones are quite clear. The animal is about 35 cm long.

Hyphalosaurus (meaning "submerged lizard") is a genus of freshwater aquatic reptiles which represent a major part of the Jehol Biota. They lived during the early Cretaceous period (Aptian age), about 122 million years ago. The genus contains two species, H. lingyuanensis and H. baitaigouensis, both from the Yixian Formation of Liaoning Province, China. They are among the best-known animals from the Jehol Biota, with thousands of fossil specimens representing all growth stages in scientific and private collections.
The appearance of Hyphalosaurus is similar to that of small Nothosauroidea, which are marine reptiles that became extinct during the Triassic. These similarities are the result of driving the convergent evolution, and it does not mean that they have an evolutionary relationship.

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Tieteellinen nimi
Hyphalosaurus sp. (with skin marks)
Geologinen kausi
LIITUKAUSI -Ylempi liitukausi, (100,5 – 145,0 miljoonaa vuotta)
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