Valtava Mosasaur - leuka matriisissa - Prognathodon anceps - 13×37×52 cm

Valtava Mosasaur - leuka matriisissa - Prognathodon anceps - 13×37×52 cm
LIITUKAUSI (66,0-145.0 miljoonaa vuotta) - Marokko

They were the biggest mosasaurs species and were the most dangerous predator in the oceans. They easily grew up to 14m and were heavy as a whale.

This is a completely natural and 100% real and original fossil, nothing like the composite jaws that sometimes are being sold. The jaw still has 17 of the original (!) teeth. Some of the replacement teeth are showing too.

Found in a phosphate quarry in Khouribga.

Massive lower jaws from a huge adult animal that ones roamed the ancient seas.

Family: MOSASAURIDAE (Gervais, 1853)
Subfamily: MOSASAURINAE (Williston, 1897)
Species: Prognathodon anceps.
Period: (late) Cretaceoust (Maastrichtian)
Age: 66.0-72.1 mil y
From: Khouribga, Morocco

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Kohteen tiedot
Valtava Mosasaur
leuka matriisissa
Tieteellinen nimi
Prognathodon anceps
Geologinen kausi
LIITUKAUSI (66,0-145.0 miljoonaa vuotta)
13×37×52 cm
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