Levino Lemnio - Similitudinum ac parabolarum quae in bibliis ex herbis - 1581

Levino Lemnio - Similitudinum ac parabolarum quae in bibliis ex herbis - 1581
Kasvitiede, Tähtitiede, Astrologia - Lukumäärä: 1 - Rajoitettu painos - Kirja

Rare treatise on comparative botany by the famous physician and astrologer Levinus Lemnius. It describes plants and trees and specifies their powers and faculties, even miraculous, related to biblical texts, magic and astrology.
"A prophet, he observed the nature of plants, their medical uses, making divine oracles on orbits and planets."

Levinus Lemnius (1505–1568) was a famous Dutch physician and writer.
His opinions are not without superstitious and magical elements, but he still deserves to be considered the most eminent hygienist of his century.
He studied medicine at the University of Leuven with Rembert Dodoens and Konrad Gesner; and under Vesalius in Padua. He travelled a lot in Europe and there is news of him in Switzerland and England.

He is also known for his book on Occultism: "Occulta naturae miracula" (1559, Antwerp) translated into all the languages of the time: ‘De gli occvlti miracoli’, ‘Les Occultes Merveilles et Secretz de Natur’, ‘The secret miracles of nature’, and ‘Wunderbarliche Geheimnisse der Natur’.

Levinus, is considered the first author to describe plants in terms of miraculous properties. His herbalism was famous and he published various scientific works on astrological, medical and botanical topics.
A disciple of Vesalius and Gesner, he described the medical uses of plants. Pritzel, 5213. Graesse, IV, 159

Half parchment binding, plates painted in brown. Handwritten titles on the spine. Signs of wear. Title page illustrated with a famous half-length portrait of the author, viewed frontally, with cap, standing, left hand resting on a book and right hand pointing towards a page of another open book; coat of arms on top right; inside an oval with the inscription "Medici Zirizaei Effiges Levini Lemnii", typographic print on the back restored and partially reprinted on vintage paper, stains and homogeneous browning. Pp. 2 + 8 + 137 + 19 + 4.

Full title:
Similitudinum ac parabolarum quae in bibliis ex herbis atque, Arboribus desumuntur dilucida explicatio: in qua narratione singula loca esplicantur, quibus Prophetae, Observata stirpium natura, conciones suas illustrant, divinaque oracula sulciunt. Levino Lemnio Sacrarum Literarum studioso auctore.
ERPHORDIAE (Erfurt) Esaias Mechlerus excudebat ANNO M D LXXXI
Lemnius (Lemmens), Levinus.

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Kirjojen lukumäärä
Astrologia, Kasvitiede, Tähtitiede
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Levino Lemnio
Kirjan nimi
Similitudinum ac parabolarum quae in bibliis ex herbis
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1. painos
Alkuperäinen kieli
ERPHORDIAE (Erfurt) Esaias Mechlerus excudebat ANNO M D LXXXI
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165×113 mm
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