Jacques de Mailles / Loredan Larchey - Histoire du gentil seigneur de Bayard - 1882

Jacques de Mailles / Loredan Larchey - Histoire du gentil seigneur de Bayard - 1882
Asevoimat, Historia, Kuvitettu kirjallisuus, Nidonnat, Aseiden sitominen - Lukumäärä: 1 - Kirja

Beautiful illustrated edition of the life of Pierre du Terrail, the famous Chevalier Bayard as told by one of his comrades-in-arms, Jacques de Mailles (1475- circa 1540), book published in 1527 under the pen name of “Loyal Serviteur.”

Bound in a stunning publisher’s binding, rare in this good condition.
In red half shagreen, red percaline boards. Richly adorned binding, beautiful Souze plaques on both boards stamped in gold and black with the coat of arms belonging to Chevalier Bayard, smooth spine entirely adorned with fleurs de lys and the letter “b” in gold, author and title in gold, all edges gilt.
In very good condition as a whole, sturdy and decorative volume, bright gilding, corners, joints and headcap in perfect condition. Interior in very good condition: fresh and clean, practically no foxing.

Author: Par le Loyal Serviteur [Jacques de Mailles] / edition updated to near modern French with an introduction, notes and clarifications by Loredan Larchey 1831-1902.

Title: Histoire du gentil seignior de Bayard

Book contains 8 plates, 3 titles, 1 chromolithographed map, a photogravure portrait, 34 compositions and portraits and 187 engravings interspersed throughout the text.

Place: Publisher, Date: Paris: Hachette, 1882.

Collation XII, 540 Pages, complete.

Size: Quarto (28 x 20 cm)

illustrations: 11 tipped-in chromolithographed plates and one double map in colour, a photogravure portrait, 34 large compositions and portraits printed in black and 187 engravings interspersed throughout the text.

Weight: 2.2 kg

Kohteen tiedot
Kirjojen lukumäärä
Aseiden sitominen, Asevoimat, Historia, Kuvitettu kirjallisuus, Nidonnat
Kirjailija/ Kuvittaja
Jacques de Mailles / Loredan Larchey
Kirjan nimi
Histoire du gentil seigneur de Bayard
Erittäin hyvä
Vanhimman kohteen julkaisuvuosi
Kuvitettu painos
Alkuperäinen kieli
28×20 cm
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