Mayson - MS5 - Akustinen kitara - Kiina

Mayson - MS5 - Akustinen kitara - Kiina
Brand New - Esineiden lukumäärä: 1 - Sisältää: Akustinen kitara - Hard case

beautiful new Mayson MS5

unfortunately due to private circumstances not able to play it much, was more in its case, but when i played it. amazing. nothing less then gorgeous sound.

the interesting concept about this smart concept guitar is that, many things you cant see and things you can see & feel are all these little improvements make a difference! such a resonant guitar

even the small rounded edges, is not noticable for the eye but you know when you play it.. where not much builders think of. they do

this guitar reminds me of a marriage between a martin and lowden guitar

nice thin finish and just every about this instrument screams quality

- all solid
- Engelmann spruce
- East Indian Rosewood
- Ebony bridge and fingerboard
- and i think black tusq bridge pins.

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Esineen / välineen tyyppi
Akustinen kitara
Valmistajan maa
Brand New
Hard case
150 g
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