Amazing Natural Ruby Crystal, lämmittämätön 41 kt - 22.05×20.61×11.8 mm - 8.2 g

Amazing Natural Ruby Crystal, lämmittämätön 41 kt - 22.05×20.61×11.8 mm - 8.2 g
Ilman varaushintaa, Myanmar

Here I’m selling a very nice ruby crystal with a very nice crystal structure. It comes from an old collection of a collector.

Ruby is a precious red gemstone considered to be the most
magnificent crystal associated with nobility, royalty, kings,
queens, and emperors. Ruby is associated with passion,
prosperity, a stone of love, confidence, motivation, strength,
and sexuality.

Product name: Ruby
Hardness 9
Weight: 41 ct
Dimensions: 22.05 × 20.61 × 11.80 mm
Origin: Myanmar
Treatment: Untreated

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In some photos, the stone was illuminated to show you its colour.
We have photographed some stones with a light source placed below in order to better demonstrate the colour of these pieces. Please also consider that differences in colour are possible, because every computer screen, monitor and mobile phone display MAY show colours a little differently!

The disclaimer about the healing properties
as previously given:
It is believed that certain gemstones and minerals have beneficial health and spiritual properties.
Neither we nor Catawiki can guarantee or be held liable for these suggested attributes, for which there is no scientific
evidence and cannot be considered a substitute for traditional medical treatment.

Kohteen tiedot
Päämineraali / meteoriitin nimi
Amazing Natural Ruby Crystal, lämmittämätön
Mineraalimuoto / Meteoriittityypit
41 kt
22.05×20.61×11.8 mm
8.2 g
Alkuperä (Alue/Kaupunki)
Ilman varaushintaa
Alkuperä (maa)
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