Medieval sword with inscription and rare knob (Oakeshott type E) - 670 mm

Medieval sword with inscription and rare knob (Oakeshott type E) - 670 mm
11th/12th century - Germany

Well preserved medieval sword with rare knob type (Oakeshott type E) and inscription, from the time of the crusades in Europe. The inscription “+ SOS +” can be translated with “Sanctus oh Sanctus” (Sanctus: Latin “sacred”) and probably represents a request/intercession to God. Inscriptions of this type follow the inlays of earlier times, which featured the manufacturer or carrier, but represent now more Christian content.

The pyramid shaped knob is riveted with the hinge and has cut-outs to fix the handle wood. The double-edged blade as well as the guard show a beautiful damask structure. The sword has a double-sided flat wide groove and is balanced very well, the blase is wider at the base and thicker (see picture 7) and tapers from there.
The knob is 64 mm wide, 39 mm high and 28 mm deep. The guard is 149 mm wide. The blade width at the base is 50 mm.
compare H. Zeitz, Blankwaffen volume 1, p139.

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