Collection de boutons médiévaux-grande variété- (148) - Argent, Bronze, Cuivre

Collection de boutons médiévaux-grande variété- (148) - Argent, Bronze, Cuivre
Europe - XIVe-XVIIIe siècles

Beautiful and large lot of 148 buttons from between 14th century and 18th century and great to start or complete a collection due to their diversity, engravings and the great preservation condition are ideal to start or continue a collection.

Some of the types are:

Plant motifs with variants of bevelled plants or with flowers.
Four petals engraved with old punch of 4 and 6 vertex.

Five and six petals with petals or separate leaves.

Included 5-pointed stars, varied decoration.

Plain, geometric, pointed and even with floral motifs decorated, some Roman glazed, French underwear, etc.

Many of them made with the old punching technique.

Material: bronze, copper, silver.
Dimensions - 3 - 26 mm

Great collection and variety for lovers of buttons, great lot in very good condition.

The lot was professionally cleaned to highlight the beauty of the engravings.

See the photos, please, as they are part of the description.

Certificate and tracking number will be sent.

Informations du lot
Nombre d’articles
Collection de boutons médiévaux-grande variété-
Argent, Bronze, Cuivre
Période estimée
XIVe-XVIIIe siècles
Pays d’origine
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