Reiner Zieger - Tierpark Berlin, Buntbock - Années 1980

Reiner Zieger - Tierpark Berlin, Buntbock - Années 1980
Affiche - Parcs d'attraction - Allemagne

Tierpark Berlin

Designed by K. Reiner Ziegler

printed by Tierpark Berlin

The European buck (Damaliscus pygargus) is an African antelope from the group of cow antelopes. It occurs only in a limited area in the Cape region of South Africa and inhabits open landscapes of the fynbos, especially it prefers grass stands on recently burned areas. It is a medium-sized antelope, characteristic of the animals is a dark brown back color, a white underside that opens up above the tail and a blaze on the nose. They form groups, with the herds of the females comprising only a few individuals. The male groups, on the other hand, are significantly larger and are made up of animals of all ages. There are also individual, territorial males who defend their territory against other males.

Buntbock ( Damaliscus dorcas dorcas )

Offset print

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Informations du lot
Reiner Zieger
Titre de l’affiche
Tierpark Berlin, Buntbock
Années 1980
Parcs d'attraction
Pays d’origine
A (excellent - état neuf)
58×81 cm
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