Fritz Heckert Glas - Grand vase signé - Verre

Fritz Heckert Glas - Grand vase signé - Verre
Allemagne - vers 1900

Very beautiful and rare vase or glass from F. Heckert, signed F.H.271-735.Abn. Brown clear glass painted with thick enamel paint, flowers, tendrils and a bird. A polished frieze at the edge painted gold with flowers and tendrils, lightly dinged. The glass stands on 4 feet, one of which was once repaired, but this is not visible from the outside, it is only visible from the underside when you know it’s there, photo 7412. The glass is oval, 25 cm tall, the opening at the top is 15 x 10.5 cm, length underneath ca. 23 cm and 23 cm deep.

Informations du lot
Grand vase signé
Fritz Heckert Glas
Période estimée
vers 1900
Pays d’origine
Bon état - quelques usures et tâches dues à l’âge
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