Opale Welo Blanc Brillant 2 ct Cabochon - 14×7×3 mm - 0.4 g

Opale Welo Blanc Brillant 2 ct Cabochon - 14×7×3 mm - 0.4 g

This white opal is brilliant and shows great multi-color play.
Photos are taken under LED light.

White base, rare color combination!
Video: https://vimeo.com/535321663

Stone Type: Welo Opal
Stone Weight: 2 ct
Stone Size: 14.69 x 7.8 x 3.47 mm
Origin: Ethiopia
Color: pink, purple, red
Brightness: 5/5
Shape: Pear
Treatment: None

Opal is an emotional stone and reflects the mood of the wearer. It intensifies emotions and releases inhibitions. Encourages both freedom and independence. Opal enhances cosmic consciousness and induces psychic and mystical visions. It stimulates originality and creativity. Helps to release anger and claim self worth, aiding in accessing and expressing one’s true self. Opal strengthens memory. It encourages an interest in the arts. Wearing Opal brings loyalty, faithfulness and spontaneity.

Opal strengthens the will to live and treats infections and fevers. Purifying the blood and kidneys, Opal also regulates insulin. It eases childbirth and alleviates PMS.

It is believed that certain gemstones and minerals have beneficial health and spiritual properties. Catawiki cannot guarantee or be held liable for these suggested attributes which have no scientific evidence and cannot be considered a substitute for traditional medical treatment.

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Informations du lot
Minéral principal / Nom météorite
Opale Welo Blanc Brillant 2 ct
Forme minérale / Type météorite
14×7×3 mm
0.4 g
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