Don Rosa Library 1 t/m 10 - Complete Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck - Cartonné - Éditions mixtes (voir description) - (2014/2018)

Don Rosa Library 1 t/m 10 - Complete Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck - Cartonné - Éditions mixtes (voir description) - (2014/2018)
Don Rosa - Proche de l'état neuf - 10 Album - Fantagraphics Books

The Don Rosa Library with all Duck stories by Don Rosa. These are ten volumes in pairs in a so-called gift box. A very beautiful, rare collection that is almost impossible to find together like this. The books and boxes are in near mint/mint condition.

The following books are included:

ISBN 9781606997420: Volume 1 The son of the sun (2014)
ISBN 9781606997802: Volume 2 Return to Plain Awful (2014)
ISBN 9781606998366: Volume 3 Treasure under glass (2015)
ISBN 9781606998663: Volume 4 The last of the Clan McDuck (2015)
ISBN 9781606999271: Volume 5 The richest Duck in the world (2016)
ISBN 9781606999615: Volume 6 The universal solvent (2016)
ISBN 9781683960065: Volume 7 The treasure of the ten avatars (2017)
ISBN 9781683960539: Volume 8 Escape from forbidden valley (2018)
ISBN 9781683961024: Volume 9 The Three Caballeros Ride Again! (2018)
ISBN 9781683961345: Volume 10 The Old Castle's Other Secret (2018)

The following is listed in these books:

Vol l:Second Printing November 2014
Vol 2:First Printing November 2014
Vol 3:Second Printing November 2015
Vol 4:First Printing November 2015
Vol 5:First Printing July 2016
Vol 6:First Printing November 2016
Vol 7: Printing June 2017
Vol 8:First Printing November 2017
Vol 9:First Printing September 2018
Vol l0:First Printing December 2084

Apparently, the first two gift boxes with volumes 1 and 3 are filled with second printings.

Please see the photos for an accurate impression of this item.

Registered shipping.

Informations du lot
Nombre d’articles
Don Rosa Library
Numéro de série
1 t/m 10
Complete Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck
Année de l’objet le plus ancien
Année de l’objet le plus récent
Proche de l'état neuf
Éditions mixtes (voir description)
Reliure / Matériau
Fantagraphics Books
Don Rosa
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