Mirko Morelli (1953) - Soffiar del vento Isola di Koufonissi Grecia

Mirko Morelli (1953) - Soffiar del vento Isola di Koufonissi Grecia
Huile sur toile - Signé à la main - 2021

Morelli is a painter who draws his highest inspirations in the majestic simplicity of the natural world, in its secrets, in its vibrations. The sea, the call of its beauty, its transparent waters, the wind, the perfumes, the silences. The nature that offers itself in its truest expression, admired by those who have learned to see, but being loved even by those who can only look and still remain troubled by it. For Morelli it was impossible not to fall in love with the sea, its wind, its overhanging peaks, its quiet coves, its smell. And the first contact was enough for him to sprout an idea, to offer the sea a sign of his gratitude for the sensations that these enchanting landscapes had given him and that will always remain in his soul.

Informations du lot
Mirko Morelli (1953)
Titre de l'oeuvre d'art
Soffiar del vento Isola di Koufonissi Grecia
Huile sur toile
Signé à la main
Excellent état
Dimensions totales
40×80×3 cm
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