Gianni Moramarco - Batgirl

Gianni Moramarco - Batgirl
Fine Art Giclèe Retouchè dans le cadre - Signé à la main - 150 ex.

Artist: Gianni Moramarco.
Technique: Fine Art giclée retouchè.
Title: “Batman”.
Edition: 10/150.
Dimensions: 59 x 39 cm.
Certified and framed work.

Gianni Moramarco was born in Turin, he is an all-round creative artist whose artistic biography develops over three decades with an eclectic and constant path, full of creative successes from interior architecture to fashion design and visual arts. In recent years, Moramarco has successfully developed the exhibition side with his presence in many European galleries and high-level art events. Recent presence in the 7th international art biennial exhibition in Ferrara in 2014. His works appear in public and private collections.

He was born in Turin and divides his activity between architecture and artistic production.

Gianni Moramarco’s inspiration seems to have a “pop” vein that keeps away from conceptual aridity. Sometimes surreal, sometimes very concrete, his paintings are populated by clear references to his hometown, whose symbolic places play with fiery towers and softened but deformed shapes of Valkyries, spied in a fetish way.

Moramarco moves within a pictorial mechanism made of irony, candour, craftsmanship, cancelling the rules and limits of the work frame, invading the boundaries of the picture, as if driven by an unstoppable impulse to dispel reality and reinterpreting it with the canon of his artistic language.

His creations are an expression of the exuberance of the artist, who acts by projecting his own aversions on the city, breaking it down into its basic components to make it re-emerge filtered and corrupted by unpredictable structures.
Moramarco’s “new world” stands out through colours, which keep the pieces of his puzzle separate but at the same time they make it uniform. We are transported to an archipelago of incompatible islands with which a fragmented, uncertain reality in crisis is described; the cuts are like the cracks that divide the clods of a parched land, which only the alienating presence of colours can bring back to life.

In more recent times, the subjects of Gianni Moramarco’s works have moved on cabbalistic dreamlike themes, playing with the numbers and turns of his pictorial decompositions.
This new series of paintings marks a further step towards an abstract and symbolic representation of things, in which the new astral geographies mark imaginary and ethereal paths that interfere with the random grid of the cuts, as if they were placed on a crumpled sheet.
We are before a reversal of roles between the cuts and the subject: if they once could appear as a stratagem to create an escape from the concrete present, now they hypostasise it through the materiality of the work and the artisan imprint of the artist.

Informations du lot
Gianni Moramarco
Titre de l’œuvre
Fine Art Giclèe Retouchè dans le cadre
Signé à la main
150 ex.
Excellent état
Taille totale
70×50×4 cm
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