Météorite Brahin Pallasite - 26×23×3.5 mm - 10.35 g

Météorite Brahin Pallasite - 26×23×3.5 mm - 10.35 g
Quartier de Gomel, Bélarus

polished slice of the Brahin Pallasite.

Brahin is a meteorite pallasite found in 1807. This is the second meteorite ever found in Russia.Sometimes it is also called Bragin or Bragim.In 1807 two masses of 80 kilograms and 20 kilograms were found by farmers of Kaporenki, a village in the district of Bragin. Later more meteorites were found in a zone about 15 kilometres long and 3 kilometres wide, crossed by the Dnieper River.
Brahin is a Main Group pallasite, with angular shaped olivine embedded in an iron-nickel matrix. Olivine crystals represent about 37% of the weight of the meteorite.
Pallasites are not common; they compose only 1.8% of all known meteorites. It has been proposed that pallasites represents the interface between the stone mantle and the metal core of differentiated asteroids.

Olivines high translucent

international meteorite collector association member #3503

Informations du lot
Minéral principal / Nom météorite
Météorite Brahin
Forme minérale / Type météorite
26×23×3.5 mm
10.35 g
Origine (région / ville)
Quartier de Gomel
Origine (pays)
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