Märklin H0 - 60213/60116/60657/66360 - Accessoires - Central Station CS 2, station mobile et accessoires

Märklin H0 - 60213/60116/60657/66360 - Accessoires - Central Station CS 2, station mobile et accessoires
CA - Courant alternatif/Numérique - Très bon état - Sans boîte d'origine

Märklin H0 - 60213 - 60116 - 60657 - 66360 - Accessories - Central Station CS 2, mobile station and accessories.

In addition to the large colour touchscreen, the Central Station contains 2 control panels to comfortably steer the locomotives with great ease. The locomotives can be displayed with colourful images. Furthermore, the central station has an integrated Märklin digital-locomotive database and two built-in locomotive card readers - enabling one to save the locomotive data on a card or to swiftly summon the locomotives by inserting the locomotive-cards. In addition, there is an active booster to power of the layout with running current and current for points sets, 20 keyboards for control of 320 magnetic items, a control panel for track-layouts and a colour route-points sets control. Includes an integrated commuter train control system. The central station can control multiple devices with the 60213 optional cable, and with this also multiple central stations 60123 can be operated together with a single installation, using one central station as the master and the others as slaves. The central station has a built-in USB connection host that may for example, be used for a mouse, keyboard or a USB-stick, as well as a network connection. Capacity of the supply to the connection rail is max. 2.4 Amp, on the programming track max. 1 Amp, in total: max. 3.0 A. Measurements are:
Measurements are: 320 mm x 190 mm x 80 mm.

Digital hand-held controller - control unit. 40 locomotives can be directly controlled. Locomotive selection from the integrated digital Märklin locomotive database or via digital addresses. Up to 32 locomotive functions and 320 magnetic-controlled items that can be directly controlled. Automatic display of the functions status in the integrated graphic black-white display with background lighting Through icons of the MFX-locomotives, locomotive selection from the integrated digital locomotive database is possible. Integrated locomotive card-reader. Illuminated red stop-button. 1.9 Amp power supply in the optionally available rail box (60114 or 60112/60116 or 60113). Direct connection of 2 Mobile Stations (60657) to a railbox (60112/60114 or 60113/60116), which then work together in master/slave mode. By using MS II hubs (60122), the number of driving controllers used can be increased to 10. When using Mobile Station in conjunction with Central Station (60216, 60226, respectively the 60213-60215), the entire Central Station settings (- The full Central Station locomotive list, all magnetic-controlled items of the Central Station keyboard with associated designations) can be used. Running and controlling of locomotives in the formats Motorola, MFX, and DCC, switching of magnetic accessories in the formats Motorola and DCC.
Measurements are: 160 mm x 100 mm x 39 mm.

66360 - Controlled current supply 36VA/230V.

60116 - Connection console.

Please see the photos, these are an integral part of the description of this lot, and for an accurate impression thereof.

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CA - Courant alternatif
Très bon état
Sans boîte d'origine
Central Station CS 2, station mobile et accessoires
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