Märklin H0 - 39402 - Locomotive électrique - Série 18, "50 ans de TEE" - SNCB NMBS

Märklin H0 - 39402 - Locomotive électrique - Série 18, "50 ans de TEE" - SNCB NMBS
CA - Courant alternatif/Analogique, Numérique MFX, Son, Soft drive - État neuf - Dans la boîte d'origine

Märklin H0 - 39402 - Electric locomotive - Series 18 of the NMBS, SNCB
With original packaging and booklets.

Express train locomotive series 18 of the Belgian Railways (NMBS/SNCB). Four system locomotive for the Benelux, France and Germany. Operating livery etc. as when delivered in 1973. Used for the international TEE-traffic.

With an MFX Digital decoder, controlled Softdrive Sine high-efficiency propulsion, and a sound generator. Low maintenance motor with flywheel centrally installed in compact format.
Powered on 4 axles via drive-shafts and traction tyres.

Lighting with low-maintenance, warm-white LEDs, conventional in operation, and with digital control.
Fitted handrails made out of metal.
Steps have been installed.
Detailed roof equipment, various pantograph types.
Cabins with fitted interior, to be fitted with engineer’s figure.
Components that can be plugged in for the buffer bar included.
The length between the buffers is 25.3 cm.

Digital functions:
Front signal.
End signal lighting.
Locomotive whistle.
Running sounds of an electric locomotive.
Direct control.

All the functions have been tested.
Undamaged and no paintwork issues.

The carriage sets 41870 and 41871 form the right TEE train for the locomotive 39402 in model, to be extended with the carriages 41872. For the counter-train, the French TEE Electric locomotive model 39401 is offered

Please see the photos for an accurate impression of this lot.

Electric locomotive construction series HLE 18 (Alsthom).
The locomotives of the Series BR HLE 18 / Series 18 are electric locomotives that were deployed between 1973 and 1999 by the Nationale Maatschappij der Belgische Spoorwegen (NMBS). The locomotives were used for the heaviest passenger trains to Paris and also between Paris and Cologne via Liège.

Development and deployment:
In the mid-1960s, the NMBS planned to order new six-axle locomotives. Because the time pressure was high, an existing tried and tested type was chosen to keep the delivery time as short as possible. Locomotives based on the existing construction Series CC 40100 of the SNCF were ordered. The locomotives of the series 18 are multisystem locomotives (= 1500 V / = 3000 V / ~15000 V/16 2/3 Hz / ~ 25000 V/50 Hz). The locomotives were built in 1973 to run the Trans-Europ-Express (TEE) connections because the locomotives of series 15 and 16 no longer proved to be powerful enough to pull the increasingly longer and heavier TEE trains. The HLE 18 locomotives were, with the exception of some other technical equipment and a higher power, equal to the CC40100 series of the SNCF. The braking system is completely different from that of the SNCF CC40100. The SNCF locomotives were equipped with the French Westinghouse PBL2 system, the series 18 was equipped with the improved FV4 system of Oerlikon from Switzerland. The HLE 18 locomotives had 3 pantographs: one for the French and Luxembourg 25kV net, one for the German 15kV-net, and one for DC (both 1.5 kV and 3 kV).

The HLE 18 locomotives were deployed together with the series BB30000 and CC40100 of the SNCF and series 15 and 16 of the NMBS on the Paris-Brussels connection, and with the series 16 on the route Ostend-Brussels-Cologne.

After the introduction of the Thalys in 1996, the HLE 18 was no longer allowed on the French network due to the lack of the newer KVB security system. Due to the dismantling of the classic international trains and the arrival of the Thalys and Eurostar trains, these locomotives became unemployed. In 1999, they were permanently decommissioned.

Colour schemes:
Ex-factory, the locomotives had a silver-grey colour with a blue band. This was later changed into a yellow and blue band.

Informations du lot
Nombre d’articles
Locomotive électrique
Compagnie de chemin de fer
Numéro de catalogue
CA - Courant alternatif
Analogique, Numérique MFX, Soft drive, Son
État neuf
Dans la boîte d'origine
Série 18, "50 ans de TEE"
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