Fleischmann H0 - 424005 - Locomotive diesel-hydraulique - BR 215 avec son complet - DB

Fleischmann H0 - 424005 - Locomotive diesel-hydraulique - BR 215 avec son complet - DB
CC - Courant continu/Analogique, Numérique, Son - Proche de l'état neuf - Dans la boîte d'origine

Fleischmann H0 - 424005 - Diesel hydraulic locomotive Series BR 215 of the DB.
Running number: 215 034-0.

Tested and fully functional.
Digital with a Doehler & Haas full sound decoder, address currently set on: 03.
Front signal lights burn permanently, without digital control. With dip switches on the inner part of the circuit board.
End-signal lighting with digital control via F1 and F2.
Powered on 4 axles.
Lighting with LEDs
5- Pole motor.
Equipped with close coupling mechanisms.

The Series BR 215 was a type of diesel locomotive of the DB and later of the Deutsche Bahn AG for the medium-weight passenger and freight train service. This Series was purchased at short notice as a variant of the V 160 family and equipped with heating steam generators. The main reason for the deployment of the Series BR 215 was that the Series BR 218 had not as yet entered full production. During the last years of their deployment some locomotives were done out with the red livery of the DB AG.

The photos form an integral part of the description of the lot.
Locomotives have a one-month warranty after purchase.

If found to be defective within 1 month, they can be returned free of charge within the Netherlands.
All packages will be shipped via registered and insured mail.

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Nombre d’articles
Locomotive diesel-hydraulique
Compagnie de chemin de fer
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CC - Courant continu
Analogique, Numérique, Son
Proche de l'état neuf
Dans la boîte d'origine
BR 215 avec son complet
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