Égypte ancienne Grès Grand Temple ou Chapelle Relief avec deux dieux Horus de Pe. 59 cm de long.

Égypte ancienne Grès Grand Temple ou Chapelle Relief avec deux dieux Horus de Pe. 59 cm de long.
25TH - 26TH Dynasty, 747 - 525 BC

Wall relief of a Temple or Chapel

with two gods HORUS OF PE

- a very rare god, not easy to found this representation in a private hands or museum objects -

Ancient Egypt, 25TH - 26 TH Dynasty, 747 - 525 BC

Material: Sandstone.

Size: large 59 cm, height 18,5 cm, thickness 7,5 cm, without stand.

Provenance: Private collection, Mr. F.C., Barcelona, since 1960.

Modern metal stand included.

This falcon-headed deity is associated with Buto, the ancient capital of the Nile Delta in Egypt before the unification of Lower and Upper Egypt. Horus of Pe's southern counterpart is the jackal-headed Horus of Nekhen, ancient Hierakonpolis (the modern town of Kawm Al-ahmar). These two gods are known as the 'Souls' of their respective towns. They symbolize the Predynastic rulers of these areas and act as the protective ancestors of the king. The two gods were particularly associated with the coronation and jubilees of the king, in their role as guardians of the divine kingship.The figures are traditionally shown kneeling on one knee, with one arm raised and the other crossing the chest. It is likely that this unusual pose was part of a ritual dance.

Condition: Fine condition, original, intact.

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Informations du lot
Égypte ancienne
Grand Temple ou Chapelle Relief avec deux dieux Horus de Pe. 59 cm de long.
Siècle/ Période
25TH - 26TH Dynasty, 747 - 525 BC
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