2000 Dom Perignon P2 - Champagne Brut - 1 Bouteille (0,75 l)

2000 Dom Perignon P2 - Champagne Brut - 1 Bouteille (0,75 l)
Champagne millésimé - France

The object is sold for its collectible value and not for its content, which is to be considered absolutely accessory.
The item may have defects or omissions of details resulting from new, damaged or worn capsules, liquid or low-level spills, stained, torn or illegible labels, chipped or broken glass bottles, etc.
The shipment travels at the sole risk of the buyer who can request travel insurance at his own expense.
Therefore, while ensuring the utmost care for the packaging, we do not assume any responsibility for damage of any kind suffered during transport.
Please look carefully at the photos before bidding, it will be shipped with professional packaging

Informations du lot
Champagne millésimé
Fabricant, nom du vin
Dom Perignon P2
Nombre de bouteilles
Taille de la bouteille
Bouteille (0,75 l)
Niveau de la bouteille
Type de bouteille Bourgogne/Champagne/Flûte, niveau de remplissage 1 cm
État de l’étiquette
Étiquette intacte et lisible
État de la capsule/du bouchon
Capsule métallique entièrement intacte
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