Empire allemand - Extensive collection with many better values

Empire allemand - Extensive collection with many better values
postfris, ongebruikt rencontré de zonder plakker, estampillé

Very extensive collection German Reich 1872-1945
MNH, not cancelled with and without hinge, cancelled.

The collection consists of an earlier collection, but it has been considerably expanded in particular by the donation of an extensive pre-war collection from a third-party estate. The collection is located in two spine bar albums, partly on the pages of a SAFE album, partly on the pages of a SCHAUBEK album, as well as on pages inserted with doubled, differing or cancelled/ uncancelled multiple stamps. Further such stamps are in a 32-page plug-in album. The collection therefore contains numerous multiple stamps, also of good values.

Colour deviations/variants are largely not taken into account. The Germania stamps for examples are also not separated according to differences between peace/war prints. Everything comes in a big mix.
All album pages and pages of the stock book are depicted. The scans run chronologically from the three albums combined. The breast shield series and other stamps or series that need to be highlighted are always depicted separately.

From better MNH series and stamps as well as blocks and also back sides are scanned. There have been NO inspections of the gum, but they have been given the designation mint never hinged based on the best of our knowledge and belief. This is true particularly for the Michel numbers 378-384, 529-539, 588-597, 686-688, 695-607 and 716-729.
Cancellations too have NOT been inspected for authenticity. In special cases this is always indicated separately in the pictures. (e.g. 330B !!)
Condition can vary slightly, e.g. with a few values in the Wagner set.

Any price information on the album pages or for individual stamps are irrelevant and are based on information from old Michel catalogues.

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Empire allemand
postfris, ongebruikt rencontré de zonder plakker, estampillé
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Umfangreiche Sammlung mit vielen besseren Werten
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