Hubinon, Victor - Original strip - La Mouette / Meeuwtje - (1978)

Hubinon, Victor - Original strip - La Mouette / Meeuwtje - (1978)
Hubinon, Victor - État neuf - 1 Dessin original

Unpublished strip from the first Meeuwtje story from 1978.
Meeuwtje is Victor Hubinon’s personal creation and the last comic he made before his passing in January 1979.
An artist at the peak of his ability is shown here in Indian ink and pencil.

Original work by Hubinon is rarely sold.

Dimensions without frame: 39.7 cm x 17.2 cm.

Comes with an edition of Gaston magazine containing the complete first Meeuwtje story.
The artist died while making the second part.
It is possible that the strip offered here was intended for the second part.
However, the fight scene seems to have been reused from the page shown in part one.
Since a second part was never published, we will never know.

Will be packaged with the utmost care for shipping including frame.

Informations du lot
Dessin original
Nombre d’articles
Hubinon, Victor
Numéro de série
- Original strip
La Mouette / Meeuwtje
Année de l’objet le plus ancien
État neuf
Hubinon, Victor
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